Early Access to Destiny 2‘s PC beta is officially live, Bungie has announced on social media. Players who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 for PC and input their beta codes through Blizzard’s online services are now able to download and play through the Battle.net Blizzard app. Early Access for pre-orderers will only last for 24 hours before the open beta begins and everyone can participate. The beta is currently scheduled to end on August 31. This will be the only opportunity to try Destiny 2 on PC before the game launches on October 24.

Destiny 2‘s PC beta features virtually the same content as that included in the July console beta, with one small addition. A Control-mode Crucible map set on Javelin-4 has been added to the beta, in addition to the previously available Countdown Crucible mode set on the Midtown map. Beyond that it’s the same stuff: the Homecoming story mission that takes place at the start of Destiny 2, and the Inverted Spire Strike investigating the Cabal’s presence on Nessus.

Take note that there are certain additions to the beta that may or may not be forthcoming, depending on what Bungie chooses to do. For one, Bungie loves to extend its betas by 24 hours. “Additional testing” is typically the reason cited, but it’s just as likely Bungie loves the hype (and marketing) of going into beta overtime. There’s also an extra feature Bungie added late in the console beta that could also come to the PC beta. Bungie opened up Destiny 2‘s new social area, the Farm, for a span of hours for players to explore. Bungie’s silence so far may mean it won’t happen, however.

Destiny 2 PC Beta Early Access Live - Settings

One interesting new detail about Destiny 2 that’s been revealed with the beta’s launch is the addition of Blizzard’s Global Play soft region locking. Players can select the region they want to play in, but can then only play with others who have selected that region as well. The region can be changed at the player’s discretion as often as they like with relative ease, luckily, but progress in each region is separate. The true harm with this soft region locking, however, is that Battle.net locks your in-game friends list and clan roster to your region. Bungie has made no comments on whether this will change in the future.

Being a beta test, the Destiny 2 PC beta has its fair share of technical issues. Two errors in particular were prevalent right from the start. The SAXAPHONE error was causing many players to repeatedly restart the application through the Blizzard app, but Bungie claims the issue has since been resolved. There’s also an ongoing issue marked error code CHIVE that says Destiny 2 has failed to initiate graphics, closing the game. Bungie is actively watching the error, but has no solution currently. Keep in mind this is a beta, so errors are expected. Head to the official Bungie Help forum for additional information.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, followed by an October 24 release on PC. The PC beta is available now for pre-orderers, with the open beta beginning tomorrow and running through August 31.