Destiny 2 will squash a number of bugs and glitches as well as make some changes to the game’s weapons and abilities for the PC beta debuting later this month. Many of the issues patched in the PC beta were uncovered during the console beta in July, meaning PC beta testers will have an experience that’s closer to the finished game.

The following are a number of glitches that have been fixed in Destiny 2 and the PC beta:

Infinite Super Glitch

While entertaining and not quite game breaking when it was discovered in the beta, the glitch that allowed players to have infinite supers during The Inverted Spire strike has been fixed. Like the console beta, it didn’t have much danger of ruining anything in the PC beta, but it’s good to know that it has been fixed for the main game.

Warlock Glide Glitch

destiny 2 dawnblade warlock

Discovered later in the beta, a glitch allowed Warlocks to jump extremely high as well as shoot across the map at high speeds has been patched. Based on the latest blog from Bungie, it appears that the developers were not aware of this glitch until players found it in the console beta.

Infinite Grenades Glitch

Another issue that went undiscovered until players found it in the console beta was this glitch that allowed players to throw infinite grenades while playing as a Voidwalker. It could be used in any game mode, so it’s probably a good thing this bug was squashed immediately.

Warlock Melee Range

Despite saying that every class has the same melee range in Destiny 2, that was not so in the beta. Once again, Warlocks had a longer melee range than the Hunter or Titan. That has now been fixed, except for perks that directly buff melee range for Warlocks.

destiny 2 adventures short narrative side missions

In addition to fixes for glitches, Bungie has made several changes to Destiny 2, especially in PvE, that will be in the PC beta and the finished game:

Supers Charge Faster

It was a pretty universal complaint from the console beta that Supers charged to slowly. That cooldown time has been reduced.

PvE Buff to Grenades

Grenades have a longer cooldown in Destiny 2, but unfortunately they didn’t feel quite as powerful against enemies in PvE. So it felt like a double whammy—having them less often and not feeling very effective. That has been changed to make that longer cooldown more worth it with a damage buff against PvE enemies.

Power Ammo Drops Increased

With the new weapon system in place, Power ammo felt scarce in PvE and forced players to focus on Kinetic and Energy weapons. The drop rate for Power ammo has been increased and is now a guaranteed drop from Major (yellow health bar) enemies. And yes, the ammo can be farmed from said enemies.

All these changes are very positive and should give those playing on PC an even better idea of how the final version of Destiny 2 will play. But even for those who won’t try the PC beta, it won’t be long until they can get their hands on the game.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.