Destiny 2's Patrols Will Have Side Missions and Dungeons

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For a short time during the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere, Bungie World Director Steve Cotton talked about what would be changing in the open world sections of Destiny 2, which fans know as Patrols. Cotton mentioned Adventures and Lost Sectors being new activities in this free-roaming mode, but besides a short description there wasn't much more revealed.

But in an interview with Glixel, Cotton went a little more in depth about what players will be able to do in Destiny 2's four new worlds. The first being Adventures, which have been described as side missions given to the player by NPCs in the world.

Cotton said that Adventures are "10-to-15-minute-long missions with narrative and dialogue and they take you to new places and they do new things – new mechanics." With the recent revelation that Grimoire would no longer be available outside of the game, Adventures look to not only be an activity for players to do, but also an avenue to deliver story. Cotton described an Adventure side mission as something akin to playing one encounter from the Vault of Glass:

"The Adventures actually have a lot of those properties – you get to go into places much like the... imagine going into the first room of the Vault of Glass for the first time, doing an Adventure and building a Vex construct while you're in there and doing whatever Adventure that happens to tell you to do. That's how they play out."

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As for Lost Sectors, these look to be Dungeon-like activities. Cotton says they are symbols hidden in the open world that need to be activated, which then open one of these Lost Sectors. Players will have to explore the Lost Sector, which will end in a boss, and once felled will award loot.

Cotton says these aren't long activities like raids, but are meant to be completed "pretty quickly" while exploring on Patrol out in the world. However, like a raid, it sounds like opening a door to a Lost Sector can be tricky, needing the player to fulfill a certain requirement. Although, he did say that patient players could wait for other players to open the door and sneak in with them.

Both these activities look to liven up Destiny 2's Patrol mode, something that while some players really loved about the original, lost some its utility especially in Destiny 1's endgame and farther into the game's lifecycle.

Destiny 2 is set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017 and on PC at a later unspecified date.

Source: Glixel

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