Destiny 2: Now is the Best Time Ever to Get Crucible Pinnacle Weapons

Now is the best time Destiny 2 has ever seen for getting Crucible pinnacle weapon quests done. There is no other time in the history of Destiny 2 when the climb to earning some of the best weapons in the game, such as The Recluse and The Mountaintop, has been so easy. But the window is closing on some of the things that make completing the Crucible pinnacle weapons of the past easier than ever, so players should be sure to focus on getting any of their incompleted quests done soon.

There is a bit of a perfect storm right now in Destiny 2 that is making it easier to earn these top-tier weapons. First off, is the fact that Shadowkeep completely changed the Competitive playlist from a 4v4 mixed-mode playlist to a 3v3 Survival playlist. Survival has less riding on it than some of the past objective modes that were part of the Competitive playlist in the past. For players who can form a team of three, they should have the same or even better chances rising through the Glory ranks than before.

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Further, even solo players can do well this season because, in Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 added a Freelance Survival playlist, which is an alternate competitive playlist that only solo players can enter. This lets single players avoid getting completely stomped by full, coordinated teams in the regular competitive playlist. There is still the chance that players match teams that are plain better than them, but at least they will be going up against fellow solo players than full teams.

This makes the climb up the Glory ranks easier, but earning Glory is easier than ever as well because Destiny 2 is now implementing a skill ranking system behind the scenes that predetermines players' skill level based on existing data and game history. This new system determines which Glory rank players should be and then the system helps boost players to that rank. When they win a match they will earn extra Glory (sometimes even going up entire ranks with one win), and when they win the point loss has been vastly reduced. Many of the pinnacle weapon quests require players to get to Fabled, such as the Luna's Howl quest, which has been a big grind in the past. But with this new skill ranking system, most players will find it easy to get to Fabled, allowing them to earn weapons like The Recluse and progressing The Mountaintop quest.

Outside of the Survival playlist and earning Glory, the current Crucible mode Momentum Control that is active during Festival of the Lost makes getting the kill requirements for The Mountaintop and this season's ritual weapon, Randy's Throwing Knife, way easier. In Momentum Control, weapon damage is increased allowing players to one-shot enemies with a high-impact scout rifle and with a variety of grenade launchers. These quests are still a grind, requiring a lot of kills and multi-kills, but in Momentum Control, players can make faster progress than in normal playlists.

All said this season is the easiest time in the history of Destiny 2 to earn these weapons. But players will want to jump on making progress on these quests. While Bungie has yet to say if there will be any changes made to the Competitive of Survival playlists next season, but just in case there are, players may want to try to make progress before Season of the Undying ends on December 10th. A more pressing concern is getting any necessary quests done in Momentum Control, which will be removed on November 19th.

But even for players who only dabble in Crucible, this may very well be their season to finally get their hands on these powerful weapons.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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