Destiny 2 will not have cross-platform saves across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Developer Bungie also confirms that Destiny 2 will not have dedicated servers on PC either.

In a recent interview, Destiny 2 art director Mike Zak confirmed that the game will not offer cross-platform saves and said “yeah” when asked if players are more or less locked into their choice of platform. Zak said that “Hopefully, you’re going to find a platform where you’ve got friends and stick to that one.” The art director also pointed out that those who want to switch platforms can use Destiny 2‘s new Guided Games system or the built-in clan support to “make new friends.”

On the one hand, this decision makes sense as Destiny 2 is releasing on PC later than consoles. If Bungie allowed for for cross-platform saves then higher level console players, who have had more hands-on time with the game, could trounce those who do decide to make the jump from PC. But on the other hand, players are bound to be upset as it means that they will have to stay loyal to a platform for as long as Bungie releases Destiny 2 updates.

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If this news wasn’t disheartening enough, the confirmation that Destiny 2 won’t have dedicated servers on PC will not be an easy pill to swallow, either. Saying that it’s a “complicated typology,” the game’s PC lead David Shaw stated that the PC version of the game at least will not offer dedicated servers though the team is “very cognizant” of lag issues and concerns and says that it has asked “okay, where can we optimize, how can we reduce that.” Shaw also promised “new tech” to address the problem but “at the moment, it’s not specifically geared toward PC.”

Understandably, many PC gamers are outraged by the news as they fear that the multiplayer game will be super laggy regardless of the developer’s best efforts. It also follows a mixed bag of announcements about the PC version of the game.

While several Destiny 2 PC features have been promised, including a suite of settings and an uncapped framerate, announcements like this lack of dedicated servers, exclusivity to Blizzard’s PC gaming client and a delayed launch have left fans with their eyebrows raised. There’s still a while to go until the game releases on the platform, though, so perhaps the developer can make it up to prospective PC players in that timeframe.

Destiny 2 is slated to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017, with a PC version to come at a later date.

Source: USgamer, PC Gamer