Destiny 2: How to Solve the Niobe Labs Puzzle

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Destiny 2’s Niobe Labs puzzle has proven to be one of the most divisive events in Destiny history. The new puzzle-based event was originally supposed to open the Bergusia Forge to the world when the first team cleared it, but after days of players trying to solve the cryptic and punishing puzzles, Bungie decided to go ahead and open the forge before a team beat Niobe Labs. Days later, Niobe Labs was completed, and here is how it’s done.

Starting the Bypass

This quest should be done with three Destiny 2 players who have done the Powerful Frames for the Volundr, Gofannon, and Izanami forges in Black Armory. The team should have at least one member using the Hammerhead Machine Gun, one using the Tartara Gaze Sniper, and one using the Spiteful Fang Bow. Each of these weapons has a set of symbols that can be seen on the ground and walls when scoping, which is the core of the Niobe Labs puzzle.

To start the Bypass, three symbols need to be shot with the proper weapon in quick succession in the right order. Players who found the secret emblems should be familiar with this process.

  • Sniper: Shoot Rock
  • Bow: Shoot Wind
  • Machine Gun: Shoot Fire

The next step involves shooting longer sequences, which can be done at the same time if players would like.

The Sniper user should do the following:

  • Stand on Tiger, shoot: Fish, Lotus, then Temple.
  • Stand on Dragon, shoot: Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, then Temple.
  • Stand of Fish, shoot: Lotus.

The Machine Gun user should do the following:

  • Stand on Moon, shoot: T, +, H, R, E, B, F, L, U, +.

The Bow user should do the following:

  • Stand on Sun, shoot: Papers, Trees, Water, Rose.
  • Stand on Wind, shoot Paper twice.

Once all three sequences have been put in, the Bow user must shoot the Water symbol three times. Once that is complete, then players can activate the switch and begin the bypass sequence.

Bypass Level 1

Each Bypass level will have waves off adds that must be taken care of. Major enemies will continue to spawn additional enemies until they are defeated. Servitors can put up walls that will hinder player progress. Some enemies and mines will have shield drones (like the ones in the forges) that must be taken down before the enemy can be killed.  Once the enemies have been dispatched, input the following:

  • Machine Gun: Stand on Hand, shoot B, U, T, T, E, R, F, L, Y

Bypass Level 2

The enemies grow in strength and numbers as players progress through Niobe’s Torment, so players should bring their strongest gear to make sure they can take on whatever enemies come their way. If each player has only one of the forge weapons equipped, then the team will have some flexibility with their loadout. Once Wave 2 is clear, players should do the following:

  • Machine Gun: Stand on Hand, shoot Fire, Storm.
  • Sniper: Stand on Fish, shoot Rabbit, Lotus.

Bypass Level 3

Players should synergize their abilities during each of the waves to make sure the adds and majors get cleared quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed. Once the adds are cleared, players can input the following combinations simultaneously:

  • Machine Gun: Stand on Star, shoot Fire
  • Sniper: Stand on Dragon, shoot Bamboo
  • Bow: Stand on Wind, shoot Water

Bypass Level 4

If players are having trouble taking out the Servitors or the major enemies, they could switch to a powerful weapon like Whisper of the Worm to make sure these enemies go down. There are plenty of adds, so there should be plenty of ammo to pick up when players switch back to their respective Forge Weapon.

  • Machine Gun (while jumping): Shoot F, L, Y.

Bypass Level 5

This Bypass requires excellent communication from each team member, as the combination jumps between each of the three party members. The Machine Gun player needs to stand on Hand, Sniper on Fish, and Bow on Butterfly. Players will need to communicate when they shoot their respective symbol to keep the sequence going. The sequence is:

  • A, T, with Machine Gun; then Bamboo with Sniper Rifle; then Paper, Water, Trees with bow; then Gate, Rabbit with sniper rifle; then L, R with machine gun; then Gate, Lotus with sniper rifle; then S, D with machine gun; the Lotus with sniper rifle; and finally Rose, Heart with bow.

Bypass 6

Perhaps the easiest of the seven sequences, all players must equip the Spiteful Fang bow from the Izanami Forge. This step must be done simultaneously.

  • All players, with Bow: Stand on Butterfly, Shoot Trees.

Bypass 7

Bypass 7 is perhaps the trickiest of the Bypass challenges, as it requires players to swap weapons around a little bit. The Machine Gun user must have a Solar weapon equipped, the Bow user must have an Arc weapon equipped, and the Sniper user must have a void weapon equipped – in addition to their respective forge weapon. Players will have to use their Forge Weapon to find the symbols to shoot, then swap to the correct element to shoot the symbols.

  • Machine Gun (shooting with Solar weapon): Stand on Hand, shoot +, U, L, F, B, E, R, H, +, T.
  • Sniper (shooting with Void weapon): Stand on Wolf, shoot Fish, Lotus, Tower. Then stand on Dragon and shoot Gate, Rabbit, Bamboo, Tower.
  • Bow (shooting with Arc weapon): Stand on Butterfly, shoot Trees, Paper. Then stand on Sun and shoot Heart, Heart, Trees, Wings.

It is worth noting that the Fish symbol has an odd hitbox for the Sniper user, so players should make sure they see the particle effect confirming the symbol input before moving forward with the rest of the sequence. Once completed, players will be rewarded with an emblem and an exotic Ghost shell. Perhaps players will see more secrets like Niobe Labs, or something similar, in the secret-heavy Season of the Shadow – hopefully with better rewards.

Destiny 2: Black Armory is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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