A new week means a new Nightfall strike in Destiny 2, and this week players take on the Inverted Spire to earn the new strike-specific loot introduced with the “Go Fast” update. However, this week’s strike specific loot has many Destiny 2 fans upset over how lackluster it is.

Fans who perform well in the Inverted Spire this week will earn the exotic ghost shell “Trichromatica” – which at first glance looks no different than any of the many Eververse ghost shells that players have accumulated since the launch of Curse of Osiris, save for an elemental glow around the shell. The ghost comes with the “Banshee’s Favorite” perk, which grants telemetries with any elemental weapon kill, a 10% XP buff on Nessus, and the ability to detect caches within 30-meters on Nessus.

If these perks sound familiar or underwhelming, then you’re not alone. Fans on Reddit have pointed out that many of the ghost shells in Eververse have the same perks – or better – than this supposed exclusive reward. Fans were mixed on the Pyramidion strike’s exclusive reward, but the response to Trichomatica seems to be overwhelmingly negative.

This is not the first time Destiny 2 fans have been upset since the launch of the “Go Fast” update. Shortly after the update went live, fans realized that, while standard movement speed scales with the mobility stat now, sprint speed is unaffected. Many fans are curious as to why mobility still does not affect a player’s sprint speed.

Amid the controversies surrounding the newest content in Destiny 2, a rumor has popped up regarding the possible release date of Destiny 2’s second DLC. The rumored “Fallen Warmind” expansion may release on May 8, according to hints dropped in the French edition of the “This Week and Bungie” blog post.

While the inclusion of Nightfall-specific loot is a step in the right direction in creating more things to work for, the fact that only three of the exclusive items are weapons highlights the growing issue of meaningless loot. Hopefully, with DLC 2, Bungie will fix the ever-present issue of loot in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit – Destiny 2