The first of Destiny 2‘s Nightfall Strikes is now available, offering a significant challenge to players of Bungie’s new first-person shooter. Players will have to put their skills to the test as they equip their best loadouts to beat the Nightfall and take on its tough modifiers.

Nightfalls are designed to be some of the hardest content in the game, but one Destiny 2 player has beaten it solo. The player, going by the name of Esoterickk, managed to complete the raid in under 20 minutes according to a YouTube video of the feat. The modifiers are Timewarp, which extends the timer when enemies are killed, and Prism, which sees attacks matching the focused element deal increased damaged.

Esoterickk used the “Striker” Titan subclass, with Code of the Earthshaker. Their character had a Power level of 295, meaning that they didn’t get to this point just by using the Destiny 2 loot cave. The activity “turned out to be a pretty decent challenge,” and Esoterickk describes the boss battle at the end as the hardest part. Impressively, it only took around five to six hours of attempts to successfully beat the Nightfall solo, as the player was “mostly just learning where [they] could pick up time and reliably clear some sections.”

Destiny 2 Nightfall Strikes have new difficulties for players to tackle, meaning that Esoterickk can take on the Prestige version of The Arms Dealer next for the ultimate challenge. The current Power level cap for Destiny 2 is over 300, so Esoterickk (or any other player) will need to grind lots more to reach that ceiling and be able to take on the Prestige version. Players may also need more than five or six hours of attempts to pull it off, as they figure out different strategies based on the massively increased difficulty.

Nightfall Strikes will continue to let Destiny 2 players to test their mettle. However, later this week the first raid will become available, also pushing players to their limits. Just like the Nightfall Strikes, players are already planning to become the first team to beat the Leviathan raid. Surely, a few brave and experienced players have their hearts set on becoming the first to complete the raid solo as well.

As Esoterickk showed, doing any of Destiny 2‘s end-game content alone is a hefty challenge. Nevertheless, Destiny 2 players are determined enough that with some serious skill and a lot of perseverance, a small few may just pull it off.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube – Esoterickk