Many of the exotic weapons in Destiny 2 require little more than decrypting an engram to collect, but there are a few special exotic weapons that players will really have to work for. Rat King is one such item. The steps to acquire it are fairly straightforward, even easy, but the last step is the real test for Guardians. Thanks to a glitch discovered in the current Nightfall, however, the final hurdle becomes much easier.

The Rat King is a Destiny 2 sidearm that becomes stronger when nearby allies also have it equipped, and the effect can be stacked up to six times. This means a full fireteam equipped with this bad boy can dole out some heavy damage.

The first thing players need to do is acquire the Rat King’s Crew item. This can be done by finishing the Enemy of My Enemy quest on Titan. After completion, Sloane will hand over the base item, which will appear in the kinetic weapon slot. After this is a series of riddles (quests), that need to be solved. It just so happens that we’ve laid out a lovely guide for unlocking the Rat King sidearm. Follow it and stop once the last step has been reached.

The final requirement is a toughie. To finish the Rat King, players are required to complete a Nightfall with five minutes left on the clock. Fear not, because a glitch currently active in this week’s Nightfall will help immensely.

destiny 2 rat king

Here’s how to use the glitch to your advantage:

Jump into the Savathun’s Song Nightfall and forge through as you normally would, shooting Anomalies along the way to increase your time. Once you’ve passed the green room with the first Ogre, continue through a few more empty rooms until the screen shows that you’ve entered the Arboretum.

This is the spot where you need to turn around. Head back to the big open area in the beginning of the Nightfall, where you had to kill enemies until the door unlocks. This area will now be empty, but the Anomalies have respawned. Shoot them, gain the extra time, and repeat the process until you’re capped out. For those who need visual aides, a fellow on Reddit put together a short video that shows the process in action.

With ample amounts of time at your disposal, your fireteam should be able to clear the Nightfall with five minutes — or more — to spare. Getting the Rat King exotic will be a breeze.

In other news, Faction Rally has ended and New Monarchy has been declared the winner. Guardians should stop by their chosen Faction and pick up one of those fancy new weapons. If their Faction was new Monarchy, then they can acquire the new sword, Honor’s Edge, at a significantly reduced price.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit