Destiny 2 will receive a new patch next week, bringing with it a change to how emblems and auras work in the game. Emblems are getting more features that will make them much more than a vanity item, while the existing aura slot is being combined into these new emblems.

Emblems in Destiny 2 have mainly been items with very little use outside of cosmetic flair, although there are a few emblems in the game that are harder to earn, like the ones earned for completing a challenge mode in the Leviathan raid. But now developer Bungie is looking to make emblems a bigger symbol of achievement in the game.

In its weekly blog, Bungie detailed how these emblems will work when the next patch hits on February 27. As an example, Bungie showed how one of the Crucible emblems will now display the total number of kills a player has earned in PvP. The emblem will also split a player’s kill count into more detail by showing the number of kills against each character class.

destiny 2 new crucible emblem

destiny 2 new raid emblem

destiny 2 new nightfall emblem

There are also variants of emblems coming that will allow players to show off specific achievements like defeating one thousand Titans in the Crucible or completing specific Nightfall Strikes. Bungie says some of these variants will be rare and hard to earn, introducing a reward in the game that they don’t expect all players to obtain.

As mentioned before, specific emblems like those for the Nightfall, Raids, and Trials of the Nine will now have auras attached to them (the glowing effects around a players head for finishing a Prestige Nightfall, Prestige Raid, a Flawless Trials run, etc.). The aura won’t be equipped automatically when that emblem is equipped; players will still need to earn their aura in these activities each week. In addition, those auras will grant buffs that will apply to every person in a player’s fireteam.

Bungie says it hopes to continue to build out this system and do even more with emblems and auras in the future. These changes will come to the game February 27 in Update 1.1.3.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie