Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for Oct 16: Nightfall, Flashpoint, and More


To celebrate the spookiest month of the calendar year, Bungie has finally brought the Festival of the Lost to Destiny 2 players. Once a yearly event inside of the previous game, Festival of the Lost brings its familiar purple glow to Guardians of the Tower as well as all of the goofy masks, new Triumphs, and gear like the newly added Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle. It's not all about gear and items, however, as the Festival this year introduces a new quest line that has players acting as detectives to figure out who or what murdered Master Ives, the former cryptarch stationed at the Vestian Outpost in The Reef. Not only that, players can take on the Haunted Forest, which throws increasingly difficult waves of enemies at Guardians for 15 minutes.

Lord Saladin is also making his second visit to the Tower, and while the first round of Iron Banner didn't satisfy everyone, he has a few new tricks up his sleeve. Bungie has lowered all of the requirements on his weekly bounties and also made sure that each one offers a Powerful Reward upon completion this time. Better yet, Valor progression is now offering double experience for the next few days, then three times the amount over the weekend.

While there's plenty of new things to do, today is also reset day which means Destiny 2 has refreshed all of its available content. To get a rundown of everything that's new this week including the three Nightfall options, featured Crucible mode, Flashpoint location, and everything else, make sure to consult our guide below.

Nightfall Strike Details

Nightfall Strike Options: Lake of Shadows, Warden of Nothing, The Hollowed Lair

The three Nightfall choices this week include the former PlayStation 4 exclusive strike Lake of Shadows and then two new strikes from the Forsaken expansion. Warden of Nothing takes players back into the Prison of Elders to help Drifter restore order, while The Hollowed Lair takes guardians deep into a Scorn stronghold after reports of The Fanatic's revival.

Each option starts at a recommended power level of 540, so players may want to grind for new gear a bit before taking on these missions. Keep in mind that players can only select a Nightfall from expansions they already own, so this week means that only Lake of Shadows is available for non-Forsaken owners.

Nightfall Challenges:

  • Equipment Locked: Once the mission starts, players can no longer switch their currently equipped gear.
  • Extinguish: Once a fireteam dies in a restricted zone, they're returned to orbit.

Nightfall Exclusive Rewards:

  • Lake of Shadows - Militia's Birthright kinetic grenade launcher.
  • Warden of Nothing - Warden's Law kinetic hand cannon.
  • The Hollowed Lair - Mindbender's Ambition energy shotgun.

Flashpoint Location

Flashpoint Location: Mars

Located within the Warmind expansion, the Flashpoint challenge takes players back to Ana Bray on Mars. Gain progress on this challenge by taking part in Public Events, finishing Heroic adventures, and clearing out Lost Sectors. Don't forget to consult our heroic modifier guide for public events to help finish this a bit faster.

Once 100% is reached, find Ana in the Braytech Futurescape building to receive her powerful reward for the week. For those who missed out on it the first time around, the corresponding Triumph will also unlock.

Tower Objectives and Bounties

With the reset here, the weekly bounties from many of the Vendors in game have also been restocked. Let's have a quick look:

  • Tess Everis continues to have her set of daily Eververse Bounties as well as a special weekly in exchange for glimmer that awards a Prismatic Facet instead of bright dust. Keep in mind that for players with 3 Prismatic Facets, no more can be held so make sure to use them before completing the new weekly bounty from Eververse.

  • Suraya Hawthorne also has her daily clan and raid bounties players can pick up, which go towards finishing her weekly clan XP challenge. Right next door to Suraya is Ikora Rey, who awards powerful gear each week for players that complete 20 bounties. Players have plenty of options for completing this including Shaxx, The Drifter, and Zavala with their usual associated game mode bounties as well.
  • Forsaken players can visit The Spider at the Tangled Shore as his weekly Wanted bounties have been refreshed. Thankfully, his powerful reward bounty has finally moved on from the Gravetide Summoner and is now targetting Blood Cleaver.
  • Visit The Dreaming City and Petra Venj for weekly and daily bounties offering powerful rewards, Dark Fragments, and more.

Crucible Milestone and Weekly Playlist

Complete Crucible Matches - Finish 5 total Crucible matches. Any of the playlists count towards this milestone except a private match.

Along with the weekly challenge that resets on Saturday as well, daily objectives pop up from time to time, typically requiring that players only complete one Crucible match.

Weekly Crucible Playlist - Iron Banner Control

Gambit - Complete 3 Gambit matches.

Vanguard Strike Milestone

Vanguard Strikes - Complete 3 strikes in the playlist.

Elemental Modifier: Void Singe

And that's all for this week. Good luck, Guardians!

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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