Don't Expect Official Destiny 2 News Anytime Soon


Destiny 2 had its first major leak yesterday, with a number of pictures of a poster for the Destiny sequel hitting the Internet. At the time, most thought the leak suggested an official announcement was right around the corner, however it appears that Bungie is doing its best to stay dark, keeping Destiny 2 under wraps until the time the developer has deemed appropriate for an official unveiling.

It was only appropriate that the Destiny 2 poster leak, which according to multiple sources is legitimate, came on the day of Bungie's weekly blog update. For some it spurred speculation that Bungie could finally give fans their first look at the sequel, but for Bungie it was a chance to play coy as usual. As part of Bungie's weekly blog, Community Manager DeeJ wrote:

p.s. You were expecting something else? One milestone at a time, Guardians...

While some guessed that the appearance of the Destiny 2 posters would force Bungie's hand, that doesn't appear the case. Shortly after the news of the posters broke, Kotaku's Jason Schreier (who has been a relatively reliable source when it comes to Destiny leaks in the past) said that an official announcement would be made that same day, only to later retract his statement saying he had misread his information and that an announcement would instead be made "soon".

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But Bungie's blog and multiple tweets from Bungie's community manager, DeeJ, seem to put a firm period behind Bungie's intention that it will not share details of Destiny 2 until the developer is good and ready to do so.

It was made very clear that the sole focus in talking to fans is all about the Age of Triumph live event launching next week, which makes sense. Age of Triumph will get its time to shine, allowing fans to "celebrate their legend" as advertised, before attention eventually shifts to Destiny 2.

An alternate school of thought might say Bungie should use the hype around this Destiny 2 leak to go ahead with an official announcement and drive fans back to Destiny and Age of Triumph, but at least for now that does not appear to be Bungie's strategy. It could be the fact that Destiny 2 will be a full reset is keeping Bungie from saying anything more, thereby diminishing fans' efforts during the final live event. It may not be worth shining a spotlight on that fact. Or it may simply not be time for Destiny 2 to greet the public.

Whether it's to make an official debut or simply to show off new footage, there is little doubt that Destiny 2 will be at E3 2017. If the sequel follows last year's Rise of Iron reveal schedule, an official debut could come just days before the industry event, but it's possible the leak has changed Bungie and Activision's plans. But for now it appears the focus is on Age of Triumph, which goes live Tuesday, March 28, at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny 2 is in production, slated for release later this year, and rumored to be September 8.

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