Bungie Teases Destiny 2’s New Raid

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Destiny 2 is no longer in the dark, having been officially announced and its first gameplay debuted. But even though the game’s developer, Bungie, has given a number of details about the sequel to its popular sci-fi shooter, there’s still one aspect of Destiny 2 that remains well hidden — the game’s first raid.

But that hasn’t stopped Bungie from teasing fans just a little about what is to come in what is the Destiny franchise’s most unique and beloved PvE endgame content. In a tweet, Bungie posted a gif from Destiny 2’s raid, showing a fireteam of six running through a hallway.

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will have a raid, but the developer has been coy with any details. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, however. That is par for the course, as raids are kept as a kind of sacred activity in Destiny, where players have to enter to solve its mysteries and compete for the title of World First.

It’s likely that the raid will feature the Cabal, the primary enemy force in the main storyline of Destiny 2. It has been long rumored that High Moon Studios, an Activision studio partnering with Bungie to create content for Destiny, has been working on Cabal-themed content. Many assume that most of that content will make its way into Destiny 2.

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However, to be clear, the raid team at Bungie is developing the new raid. There aren’t many details to go on from the gif above. The Guardians run down a smoky hallway, which might be the Tower or somewhere in the now destroyed Last City. But with so little to go on, it could be virtually anywhere.

The working theory is that the raid may be the cap to Destiny 2’s main story, much like The Taken King. In fact, the same leadership team, Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy, from The Taken King are in charge of Destiny 2, which could bode well for unifying everything from the Story missions, to Strikes, and ultimately the Raid.

If Bungie decides to show off more of Destiny 2’s Raid, the developer has multiple chances this summer before launch including E3, Gamescom, PAX, or even on one of its own livestreams which Bungie has done in the past. Until then, fans will have to sit tight until Bungie decides to preview this much-anticipated activity.

Destiny 2 will launch September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, and at a later unspecified date on PC.

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