Destiny 2 to Introduce New Currency?

Destiny 2 currency Strange Dust

Destiny 2 may introduce a brand new currency if a hands-on with Bungie's upcoming first-person shooter is to be believed. Bungie made several announcements about its highly anticipated game today, including the fact that the title will have Guided Games.

In playing Destiny 2, following the gameplay reveal event earlier today, Game Rant came across something called Strange Dust. A currency that will feature in the sequel in some capacity, the official description attached to it reads "Used to improve or trade for other items."

Dust is something that showed up in the first Destiny game, as Silver Dust was both a rare consumable and a currency and could be used to purchase rare and legendary emotes, engrams, ornaments and more, so the fact that some sort of variation on that features in the sequel is no surprise. It seems likely that this new currency, Strange Dust, will be used in a similar fashion.


However, while its uses will likely be similar to that of Silver Dust, which was introduced in Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion, how players can get their hands on it poses some big questions. At this point it's unclear whether Destiny 2 will feature microtransactions like the first entry, but Strange Dust could potentially be used as a premium currency that costs players money.

Silver (which is different to Silver Dust) could be acquired by spending money as opposed to Silver Dust, which could be acquired by dismantling weapon and armor ornaments and opening radiant treasure. It's unclear which category Strange Dust will fall into.

Destiny 2 PC uses

This backlash prompted Bungie to make some big changes to the currency and how it could be earned and spent, which went a long way towards improving the (then) state of the game for players. But whether the developer has taken these lessons and applied them to Destiny 2 is up in the air right now.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

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