Destiny 2 is on its way in just a few short months, bringing players into a new part of the story as they try to rebuild civilization after the destruction of The Last City by the Cabal. Much about Destiny 2s plot remains to be seen, but a video showing off a new social area in the game called The Farm introduced a new main Cryptarch NPC.

The Cryptarch at The Farm is someone players of Destiny might already be familiar with from the Iron Temple in the Rise of Iron expansion: Tyra Karn. She survived the fall of the The Last City, and she will be the character players at The Farm visit to unlock loot. Since The Farm is seemingly replacing The Last City social space from the first Destiny, Tyra Karn’s inclusion raises the question of what happened to the old Cryptarch, Rahool.

While this information makes it clear that Bungie hasn’t simply done away with the concept of Cryptarchs, as players will still need to visit them at least in some cases to decrypt their loot engrams, it doesn’t do anything to clarify where Rahool is. It’s possible that he didn’t survive the fall of The Last City, necessitating his replacement by Tyra Karn as the new Cryptarch archivist for The Farm. It’s also possible he will appear elsewhere in the game as a part of the story.

For some, the inclusion of Tyra won’t be pleasing news, as the need to visit Cryptarchs to unlock loot can be tedious, and the element of luck in getting good gear can be annoying. Bungie’s Ryan Ebenger led the tour of The Farm in the video, and he said that Tyra Karn would unlock “all exotics, all the time,” but it was unclear whether that was a serious statement, showing a new level of usefulness for Cryptarchs, or whether it was just a tease.

The switch from Rahool to Tyra Karn isn’t likely to annoy many gamers, though. Since Rahool was a fairly central Cryptarch in the original Destiny, players have probably come to associate him with unlucky loot decryptions. If Rahool dies in the fall of The Last City, some players may rejoice. If he appears elsewhere in the story, it could redeem him.

All that’s really clear from the inclusion of Tyra Karn is that there are more new features in the game. In fact, there’s even a soccer mini-game available at The Farm.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later launch on PC on October 24.

Source: IGN