Destiny 2 is not far away from launch, but before that happens, gamers will get their hands on the game one more time with the PC beta in late August. Included in the PC beta is a PvP map, called Javelin-4, that was not present in the console beta in July. Players got their first glimpse of that map today, which looks to be a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, centered around a Warmind bunker.

Javelin-4 will play host to the Control gametype in the Destiny 2 PC beta, replacing the Endless Vale map that was the map where console players tried the classic Destiny PvP mode. The PC beta will also include the Countdown game mode, which will be played on the Midtown map, just as it has been since Destiny 2‘s reveal event back in March.

destiny 2 javelin-4 map screenshot 3

destiny 2 javelin-4 map screenshot 1

For longtime Bungie fans, Javelin-4 definitely has vibes of some Halo maps of old, especially Countdown from Halo: Reach. But with just three screenshots, it’s hard to tell what the rest of the map and playing on it will be like, and whether those initial impressions prove to be true or not.

Narratively, the map brings in elements of the Warminds, which are a group of artificial intelligence defense constructs designed to protect humanity’s planets during the Golden Age. The Warmind known as Rasputin played a recurring role in the story of Destiny 1, and it looks like Rasputin may return to the franchise’s narrative in the second expansion of Destiny 2 (expected to launch in the spring of 2018).

As for the Destiny 2 PC beta, it will start early access on August 28 before going full open beta the next day on August 29. It ends on August 31. It’s a short beta, but for those who may also be playing on console, it will be less than a week before the full game launches on PS4 and Xbox One. A trailer for the PC beta just released today reiterating the game’s 4K resolution and uncapped frame rate.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24, 2017 for PC.