Although Destiny 1 featured some unique takes on otherworldly environments, at the end of the day players were still exploring planets like Mars, Venus, and Earth. For Destiny 2, however, Bungie is hoping to shake things up by offering players destinations rarely seen in sci-fi media, like the minor planet Nessus.

While Destiny 2 fans will have to wait until next week to see Nessus in all its glory, Bungie has released a trailer teasing what players can expect from the new destination. On top of that, the footage offers a better understanding of how certain activities in Destiny 2 will work, including Lost Sectors, Adventures, and Public Events.

For such a short teaser, there really is a lot packed into the Nessus gameplay footage. We can see parts of the planet’s map, icons for tons of activities, a few side quests in action, and some unique Cabal enemies. If this brief glimpse is any indication, Bungie is surely living up to its claims of packing tons of content into Destiny 2.

Some highlights from the teaser include confirmation that patrols will have multiple landing zones, so players don’t have to travel the entire destination to access a specific area. That was one of the major drawbacks of Destiny 1’s patrols – having to take a long sparrow ride just to get to Archon’s Forge or Skywatch.

The footage also includes some early looks at Lost Sectors, Quests Public Events in action. One of the Quests, called Exodus Black, also seems to reward an upgrade point for the new subclasses in Destiny 2, which has some thinking that the area might be an Outpost.

destiny 2 nessus

In total, there are 37 points of interest, be they adventures, landing zones, public events, treasure maps, or something marked by the ghost icon. Those may be Dead Ghost locations, but Bungie has yet to confirm whether the collectible will be added in Destiny 2. Given that the developers have already said that Grimoire Cards are gone from Destiny 2, it’s hard to imagine the Dead Ghosts being as useful as a collectible.

While Destiny 2 beta players won’t be able to fully access Nessus during the testing period, Bungie will be offering a brief look at the planet as part of the Inverted Spire strike. That strike, as well as the opening story mission called Homecoming, and the PvP modes Control and Countdown will be the focal points of the beta.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

Source: IGN