Destiny 2 is Going to Nerf Two of Its Best Perks, But Should It?

During the Season of Opulence in Destiny 2, a meta has emerged that is hard to beat in PvE. With Mountaintop in the primary slot, The Recluse submachine gun in the secondary slot, and Swarm of the Raven with spike grenades in the power weapon slot, Destiny 2 players are capable of reducing almost any boss or activity to ruins very quickly.

Now, there have been plenty of popular loadouts in Destiny 2 – at one point Midnight Coup, the Ikelos shotgun, and Whisper of the Worm were king – but this latest meta is particularly potent. It also features two pinnacle weapons, but oddly those come from Crucible quests and have nothing to do with PvE.

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We’ve already talked at length about why these weapons are so good and how to get them, but for those that may still be working towards Mountaintop or trying to complete the Recluse quest, there is a question hanging over everything. Will Bungie nerf these weapons (or more specifically their signature perks) to shift the meta in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep?

Spike Grenades Too OP?

By all accounts, it seems very likely that the Spike Grenades perk is getting nerfed in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. When Bungie buffed grenade launchers they probably had no idea the damage that spike grenades would add on top of everything, making Mountaintop a versatile Major crusher and Swarm of the Raven a boss DPS monster (with a Tractor Cannon buff, of course). Without spike grenades, both weapons would still be solid, but the perk pushes them over the edge. Look at any regular PvE player, especially those who raid a lot, and usually they are using both weapons for quick runs.

destiny 2 how to get swarm of the raven

Is Recluse the Best Destiny 2 Weapon Ever?

But while players could get away with using other weapons in those two slots, the choices in the primary slot rarely drift away from Recluse. With its Master of Arms perk, Recluse gets bonus damage on par with three stacks of Rampage for any weapon kill. So you can get a quick kill with a power weapon, switch to Recluse and clear out basic enemies in no time.

In Destiny 2’s history, there aren’t many primary weapons that come to mind that rival Recluse. It is fun to use, makes quick work of enemies, and it complements the aforementioned Mountaintop and Swarm of the Raven selection.

Are Nerfs Necessary for Recluse and Mountaintop?

Because of how popular this Destiny 2 loadout has become and Bungie’s history when it comes to swaying players away from using the same weapons, most are expecting nerfs in the Shadowkeep expansion. Spike grenades should have their damage boosting reduced and Master at Arms will likely not be as potent when active. Hopefully, both perks will still be plenty useful, but we wouldn’t surprised if the nerfs are harsh enough that Destiny 2 players end up vaulting Recluse and Mountaintop.

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No doubt players would prefer that Bungie buff other weapons, weapon types, and weapon perks so that they are enticed away from that loadout, but usually that’s easier said than done. Perhaps in a post-Activision world, Bungie will focus on giving more fun toys instead of taking them away. At the very least, hopefully, Bungie gives players an idea of what’s to come so that those currently grinding for Mountaintop or Recluse in Competitive know whether their time will be wasted.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases September 17, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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