Destiny 2 is Nerfing Auto Reload Mechanics in Shadowkeep

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Over the last few weeks Destiny 2 developers from Bungie have been engaging in an active discussion with the community. Director Luke Smith, as well as a number of other prominent faces from the dev team, have discussed why certain changes were made to Destiny 2 and the philosophy behind the design of next month’s Shadowkeep expansion.

Based on what Smith kept saying, many Destiny 2 players assumed that Bungie was going to do something about auto-loading mechanics like Rally Barricade and Lunafaction Boots. Now, thanks to some PAX West attendees, fans have confirmation that Bungie is removing that mechanic from the game.

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Several PAX West attendees confirmed that both Rally Barricade and Well of Radiance with Lunafaction Boots no longer auto-reloads weapons after firing. Instead, the abilities boost the reload speed of weapons for all in their wakes.

For as long as Destiny 2 fans can remember, the auto-loading mechanic has been an essential part of the PvE experience. Nearly every raid encounter as well as tough boss fights have usually featured a Warlock putting down their Well of Radiance with Lunafaction Boots equipped.

But Bungie noticed this too and is looking at ways to expand the options for players. Forcing a Warlock to wear Lunafaction Boots and run Well of Radiance as their subclass is limiting, and in some cases is seen as less fun. Titans were offered a little more freedom because Rally Barricade is a class ability, but even then the Warlock is the key piece of the puzzle.

On top of limiting options, the reliance on auto-loading mechanics forced Bungie to design with those features in mind. Destiny 2 bosses needed more health because fireteams could reduce them to dust in a matter of seconds thanks to Well and Lunafaction.

Instead of finding unique ways to challenge players or present them with fun mechanics, many of the boss fights in Destiny 2’s raids saw a boss standing still while the fireteam did damage from a Well of Radiance. The Scourge of the Past raid boss tried to encourage movement but instead fireteams just brought three Warlocks.

The good news is that this change likely means that Destiny 2 players can expect boss fights with more room for choice. Grenade Launchers won’t be the top tier DPS weapon in all situations and other choices might rise to the top. Fans will see what types of damage numbers they can tally when Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases in October.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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