Destiny 2: Where to Find Necromantic Strand

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As with any new season or update, players are always on the look out for new weapons. The same is true for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep which not only introduces a few new exotic weapons like the Deathbringer void rocket launcher or the return of the Monte Carlo assault rifle, but also shamanistic weapons that are crafted on the Moon. Similar to the Black Armory weapons, these are especially crafted from essences and require players to complete objectives before the gun is awarded.

One weapon in particular, The Loud Lullaby, is crafted from the Essence of Brutality which requires players to complete activities on the Moon, get 50 Hand Cannon kills, and collect an item called the Necromatic Strand. Here's where Destiny 2: Shadowkeep players can find the item.

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Starting off, players should head to Sanctuary on the Moon to get started. Start heading towards the Archer's Line by following the left road and continue on until a domed building is found towards the right side of the map. This place should also be very familiar to Destiny 1 veterans. Head through the building and follow the path to a Hive infested opening which leads down into a tunnel network. Eventually, players will come to the Hall of Wisdom which is filled with Hive enemies.

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Thankfully, once inside the Hall of Wisdom, a marker appears to let the player know exactly where the weapon part can be picked up. Ultimately, there's no identifying shape or object to let the player know where it is, so simply follow the white marker to the exact location. Upon picking up the Necromantic Strand, the essence is cleansed and ready to be placed in the Lectern of Enchantment back in Sanctuary.

The reward for all of this is Loud Lullaby, an aggressive frame, high impact hand cannon with above average range. It has randomized perks and features the distinctive Dreambane gear look with feathers, charms, and a glow that appears when Nightmare enemies are near.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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