Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get the Secret NASA Easter Egg Emblem

With the launch of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion, players are sure to be finding Easter eggs and secrets in the game's new content for some time. But developer Bungie tipped fans off to one of these secrets a day before the launch of Shadowkeep. It's a reference to a future NASA mission, and if players can find it, they will score a secret emblem. Of course, it didn't take long for players to discover it despite server issues on the day of Shadowkeep's launch and the difficulty of enemies that surround it.

The Easter egg can be found on the Moon in the Lost Sector in Archer's Line. In this new Lost Sector, the passageway to which is located inside a building that those who played Destiny 1 will surely recognize, players will need to look for a crashed satellite near the end of the area. Once found, players simply need to inspect it and the new Destiny 2 emblem will drop.

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One of the challenges players will face is that Lost Sectors, in general, got a major difficulty adjustment in Shadowkeep and this one is no exception. The enemies here are 870 Power, so players who are at the base starting level of 750 or not that far from it will have a hard time making their way through the Lost Sector to reach the hidden spacecraft.

There are a couple of ways lower level players can go about getting to the emblem before they are technically ready to do so. First, players can team up with two other players who are around 870 Power to escort them through the Lost Sector. The other method, demonstrated well by content creator Esoterickk, is to employ the Nightstalker's Vanishing Step perk to go invisible upon Dodge to speed run and sneak through the area to completely avoid the high-level enemies.

The craft that players will find is a model of the real-world Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, also known as LunaH-Map. It is scheduled to launch into space in 2021 as a part of NASA's Artemis-1 mission. The purpose of the LunaH-Map satellite is to look for the presence of water on the moon (the actual moon, not the haunted one players will traverse in Shadowkeep). Once the LunaH-Map's mission is complete, it will crash land on the surface of the moon.

So then, in the fictional world of Destiny 2, hundreds to thousands of years after this point in the real-world timeline, players can find that crashed satellite on the fictional version of the Moon. And in doing so, players will earn the "Orbital Cartographer" emblem (which is based on the official LunaH-Map mission logo) seen here:

For those interested in even more of the story behind the LunaH-Map and its ties to Destiny, Mashable has an excellent article and the original source of revealing that Shadowkeep would contain this Easter egg.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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