Rumor Patrol: Destiny Sequel Titled Beyond Destiny, Coming to Nintendo NX Too?

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[Update: Bungie's Eric Osborne has addressed the rumor here.]

In the past, the source known as "Geno" has proven to be reliable. The individual has leaked a number of game industry developments over the years, most recently leaking the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement. Well, now Geno is back at it again, this time allegedly leaking information about Activision's upcoming slate of video games.

First and foremost, Geno's leak contains possible information about Destiny 2. According to the leak, Destiny 2 has been renamed Beyond Destiny, and Nintendo is reportedly trying to convince Activision to release the game on the company's next console, currently code named NX.

Geno's leak also points to Beyond Destiny's release date. Previously, it was confirmed by Bungie that Destiny 2 will release in 2017, but the leak is a bit more specific, claiming that Beyond Destiny will launch Holiday 2017. The leaked information on Beyond Destiny also provides some hints as to the capabilities of the Nintendo NX as well.

For example, the leak says that one of the reasons why Activision is interested in bringing Beyond Destiny to the NX is that the system allows people to "play local and online multiplayer between units at the same time." What this means exactly remains to be seen, but perhaps NX units can connect to each other in the same household without using the Internet. Furthermore, the leak claims that Activision is also interested in the NX because the system is expected to have a large user base due to new mainline Pokemon games.

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If the two companies do reach an agreement, which will reportedly include a Beyond Destiny beta on the NX, then Activision will try to get Nintendo fans up to speed on the series. Apparently, consumers will be able to expect a complete version of the original Destiny to land on the Nintendo NX in early 2017.

If true (and that's a big if at this point), all of this should be great news, for Nintendo fans especially. It appears that the Big N is actively attempting to court major third party publishers, and getting the Destiny franchise on the system would be a major achievement.

It also shows that the NX will be as powerful (if not more) than the PS4 and Xbox One, and demonstrates that Nintendo is getting more serious about online, if the rumors about the company wanting a Beyond Destiny beta turn out to be true. Moreover, if the information about mainline Pokemon games coming to the NX are accurate, along with what sounds like a unique approach to local and online multiplayer, then the NX could be a bigger success than anyone would have expected.

While we wait for official announcements on all the aforementioned info on Beyond Destiny and the Nintendo NX, Geno's recent Activision leak also pulls the curtain back on some other projects the publisher has in the pipeline. According to Geno, a new Skylanders game will launch in 2016, despite the rocky sales of Skylanders: SuperChargers, and it will be a launch title for the NX.

Another Activision launch title reportedly coming to the NX is Call of Duty's 2016 entry. Despite previous speculation that this year's Call of Duty would be Ghosts 2, Geno claims that this year's game will be called Call of Duty: Bloodlines. Again, until Activision clarifies any of this, take all this information with a massive grain to salt, despite many of Geno's previous leaks proving to be accurate.

And finally, the last bit of info from Geno's leak is the only one that is not necessarily related to the Nintendo NX. However, it should delight fans of Platinum Games and Marvel, as the source claims a game called Spider-Man: The First Avenger is reportedly in development, likely in the vein of Platinum's TMNT game and Transformers: Devastation. The game is said to be canonical with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though its title is suspect. After all, there has already been an MCU film with the subtitle The First Avenger, and Spider-Man is certainly not the "first Avenger" in the MCU. In fact, the character isn't even set to debut in the films until May's Captain America: Civil War.

Whether or not Geno's predictions are accurate, this information will still likely get fans excited. If the information is correct, it appears as though Nintendo is looking to aggressively fix its image after the general sales and marketing blunder that was the Wii U, and it is aiming to do so by bringing major third party franchises into its library of games. Time will tell if this strategy pays off, or if it's even real, but when one considers the accuracy of Geno's previous leaks, it's hard to ignore, and makes his recent Nintendo NX leaks that much more intriguing.

Destiny 2 will be available in 2017 for unspecified platforms.

Source: Dual Pixels

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