Destiny fans who have been hoping for more competitive options in Destiny 2 will likely be happy hearing this news. Destiny 2‘s PvP playlists are getting split into casual and competitive playlists, to help players find the experience they are looking for.

Game director Luke Smith spoke with Game Informer explaining what kind of game modes could be found in each playlist:

“Quickplay is the place where you’re going to find more party games – Control, Clash, Supremacy [while] Competitive play has two modes – one we’re not talking about right now, and the other is Countdown. These are objective modes…”

Countdown is the new PvP mode that Bungie debuted at the Destiny 2 Reveal Event, which is an attack-and-defend bomb planting mode that also has an Elimination element. The other objective mode could possibly be the rumored Trials of the Nine game mode that is rumored to be included in Destiny 2, although that could also be a special event just as Trials of Osiris is in Destiny 1—fans will have to wait and see until Bungie officially reveals the second mode.

There was no mention of whether the competitive playlist would also be ranked, a popular fan request, especially by those in the competitive (or “sweats”) community of Destiny. However, even if there is no ranking system, at least the bifurcation of PvP playlists will help players find the experience they are looking for.


Over the course of Destiny 1, players have complained about “sweaty” matches; that is, players who want to have a more casual experience in PvP matchmaking against extremely competitive, highly-skilled players (or teams) in matches. While there’s nothing to stop teams from going into a casual playlist and still dominating against other teams, at least the definition of casual and competitive will lead players into the kind of matches they are looking to have.

Even Bungie seems to have struggled with what it wants Destiny‘s PvP to be, at times saying it isn’t a serious experience and meant to blow off steam at the end of the day, while at other times positioning it like an eSport and encouraging high-level competitive play.

But it appears that Bungie is set to make Destiny 2‘s PvP a better offering for competitive play. To add to this news of a competitive playlist, Destiny 2 has also changed to making all PvP game modes 4v4 in line with most other competitive shooters. The new weapon system also seems to be designed with PvP in mind, to overcome some of the imbalance that is present in Destiny 1.

There’s sure to be more news coming in the future about the PvP landscape of Destiny 2, but it’s honestly good news for everyone that Bungie is looking to help filter players into the Crucible experience they are looking for.

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Destiny 2 launches September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, with release on PC at a later unannounced date.

Source: Destiny Reddit