Bungie has already confirmed that Destiny 2 will be huge. However, the developer now assures fans that it won’t just be a lot of empty space, promising that Destiny 2 will offer players with plenty of things to do.

In the July 2017 (#137) issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith reveals that the game will offer “more to do than in any Bungie game ever.” Bungie previously detailed new mission types, called Lost Sectors and Adventures. These promise plenty of replayability for players and should keep them exploring and enjoying the game world for a while.

Additionally, Smith tells the publication that Destiny 2 will feature “treasure hunts.” Although details on these quests for hidden loot were sparse, they will reportedly involve “special maps.” It’s unclear whether this will involve textual clues or if players will have to use their knowledge of a location and its landmarks to figure out where the treasure is hidden. Destiny 2 introduces several new planets, so players could find themselves stumped if they try to jump right into treasure hunting.


Positively, though, OPM UK says that Smith was “bursting” to tell the publication more about the hunts during the interview. So it stands to reason that Smith and the rest of the Destiny 2 development team will reveal more about them very soon.

The release of Destiny 2 is still a few months off, but it sounds as though players will have more than enough things to do at launch. Yes, post-launch DLC drops are planned through next year, but those who choose to pick the game up at on release day will find themselves thoroughly entertained too.

On top of all of these treasure maps, Adventures, and excuses to explore the world, there are also weekly activities called Flashpoints. That could all amount to a dizzying amount of content for players to get through.

Additionally, Destiny 2 will have a much larger focus on story. For those who don’t decide to dive into multiplayer or enjoy activities with friends, they can learn more about the series’ lore as well. The story in the first Destiny was widely panned by fans and critics, but Bungie hopes to get it right the second time around. The developer has clearly learned from its mistakes in terms of narrative content and keeping players entertained, but will the sequel deliver? Everyone is excited to find out.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming later on October 24.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK