We’ve previously detailed how infusion works in Destiny 2, revealing that there are a few changes that players should know ahead of time. But while the change that requires matching items for infusion may hinder player’s progress, there is another cool change that could actually help them.

In addition to a whole wealth of new features and tweaks, Destiny 2 introduces mods to the mix. These mods lock into the slots on armor and weapons, giving them special buffs to utility. Some mods may increase reload speed, while another could increase handling.

Like with the weapons themselves, these Destiny 2 mods come in different varieties, specifically rare and legendary options. As the names imply, rare mods are easy to acquire and slotted on tons of gear, while legendary mods are a lot more rare.

But the benefit of legendary mods can be huge for players looking to level up fast, as they carry their own power level boost. See, any item that has a legendary mod equipped is actually 5 points higher than it would be other wise.

Legendary Mods on Gear

On the surface, this may not seem that useful or important, but when it comes to infusion it is huge. Because the gear with a legendary mod is actually 5 points higher, it can infuse beyond a simple match with the power level of gear. So instead of infusing a 250 with a 260 and getting a 260 power level item, the player will be getting a 265 item if the 250 item has a legendary mod equipped.

For illustrative purposes it works like this:

250 gear with legendary mod is actually 245 gear with the legendary mod counting as 5 extra power. Infuse a higher light level item into that piece and for some reason it adds the 5 extra power again.

destiny 2 tyra karn in farm

The only caveat to this system is that it doesn’t work the opposite way. You cannot infuse a piece of gear with a legendary mod into another gear piece and get the extra 5 power. Instead, the gear piece actually loses its extra 5 power in the infusion process. So infusing a 260 weapon with a legendary mod into a 250 weapon will deliver a 245 weapon because the bonus 5 power is gone. Also note that most exotics in Destiny 2 comes with a legendary mod by default.

It’s not a very complicated system, but it’s certainly something that Destiny 2 doesn’t make obvious at the outset. Power leveling for the raid on Tuesday requires squeezing out every bit of extra level that players can, so check every piece of gear for a legendary mod.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.