Destiny 2 switches up the benefits gained from armor in comparison to Destiny 1. With pre-determined cooldown rates on abilities, the advantages determined by armor in Destiny 2 are now Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery. Mobility determines movement speed and jump height, Resilience the amount of damage that can be taken, and Recovery how fast health regenerates after taking damage.

All of these stats have a max level of 10 and a mixture of numbers can be combined based on the armor build. However, the game itself does not explain the different thresholds of what each tier gives a player. That’s where a video made by Destiny 2 content creator Fallout Plays comes in.

When it comes to Movement, Fallout explains that the stat only affects walking speed and jump height. The sprinting speed stays the same no matter what, even when comparing a character with a Mobility stat of zero and one with ten. There is a noticeable speed difference when walking with a maxed out stat; however, is there a benefit to it? While many players may not consider a high Mobility stat an advantage (especially when it comes to jump height now that Destiny 2 employs a clamber mechanic to help players make jumps more easily), Fallout explains that it does make quite a difference in the speed of a player that is strafing. Considering that strafing can allow a player to outmatch another player in PvP, it can definitely serve a benefit there.

As for Resilience, Fallout explains that players haven’t been able to exactly figure out how many stat points directly correlate to health, but one fan who has a penchant for stat breakdowns, Mercules904, was able to make a pretty accurate guess. Those stats look like this:

  • 0 Resilience = 186 Health
  • 1 Resilience = 188 Health
  • 2 Resilience = 190 Health
  • 3 Resilience = 192 Health
  • 4 Resilience = 194 Health
  • 5 Resilience = 196 Health
  • 6 Resilience = 197 Health
  • 7 Resilience = 198 Health
  • 8 Resilience = 199 Health
  • 9 Resilience = 200 Health
  • 10 Resilience = 201 Health

Destiny 2 raid Leviathan beaten by four players

There’s a lot of variation to how Resilience can help based on what weapon is being faced, but Fallout uses the example of the very popular MIDA Multi-Tool. He points out that a character with at least 4 Resilience can actually survive one extra shot from the MIDA Multi-Tool.

Lastly, Recovery determines how quickly health regenerates after taking damage. As expected, there is a range with health regenerating much faster with higher stat numbers. In fact, a 10 Recovery stat will fully regenerate health before a stat of 3 or less has even emerged from the red zone of the health bar.

There’s a lot of variance that players can look into to determine a specific build, and it really is up to the player as to how exactly they want a character to play. The video above is definitely worth checking out, though, to help determine just what stats a player wants to focus on.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.