Destiny 2: 5 Mistakes After Activision (& 5 Perfect Changes)

It was big news in the gaming world when the companies behind Destiny 2, Bungie and Activision, announced they would be parting ways and Bungie would take the wheel. Many fans were excited by the development and many were concerned about the effect it would have on the game and the franchise as a whole.

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Although it’s only been a few months since the split fans have already seen some beneficial and unfortunate developments under Bungie’s direction. Overall Destiny 2 seems to be going strong and the franchise appears to be in good hands for the time being.

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10 Mistakes: Weapon Power Creep

This has been a problem since release and some fans have argued it’s gotten worse with Bungie in charge. Each new expansion introduces new weapons, but the majority of them get sidelined as the older ones grow stronger and stronger with the new bonuses and enhancements that are also introduced.

Additional perks, rolling weapon mods, upcoming infusions, and special abilities that further enhance weapons are making weapon power creep a genuine problem that only seems to be getting worse. Sure it’s fun at first, but at some point the numbers become meaningless and there’s no reason to hunt for new weapons.

9 Perfect: Steam Release

Bungie’s decision to pull out of Blizzard’s and move to Steam has been met with overwhelming praise from the community. The move to Steam also supports the company’s goal to introduce cross platform saves which is one of the smartest decisions Bungie could make at this point.

Bungie has also stated that this move is to support another goal of stepping away from platform-exclusive content. The move to Steam in order to facilitate these goals will create a more unified community and be much more convenient for players to play on any device.

8 Mistake: Expanding Micro-transactions

Admittedly it’s petty to mention this as any game development company needs to find a way to bring in profit to continue improving the game and cosmetic micro-transactions are the least obtrusive way of doing this. It’s better to charge for nonessential items then the prices of their expansions or even mandate a subscription model after all.

The mistake here comes in publicly announcing they’d expand and improve micro-transactions after so many fans thought they’d do away with it after the split. It would have been far better to introduce changes gradually and slowly than announce that a controversial feature was getting an overhaul.

7 Perfect: Standalone Expansions

Bungie has announced that they intend to make all future DLCs standalone expansions rather than mandatory add-ons. Previously if a person wanted to play Forsaken they would have to buy both Curse of Osiris and Warmind in order to do so.

Now it seems Bungie is wanting to make it that if a person wants to play Shadowkeep, they only need to buy Shadowkeep. They won't need to shell out potentially hundreds of dollars with hundreds of hours of content to access what they actually want to be doing.

6 Mistake: Lack of PVP Focus

The developers have declared this is something they’re going to rectify in the upcoming DLC Shadowkeep, but it was a mistake to wait so long. For several months fans have felt Bungie has been obsessing over PVE content when PVP really needed the boost.

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In fact, there hasn’t been a permanent game mode added to the game in a long time, something the developers admit to, but won't explain why. Considering a sizable portion of the player base is logging on for the PVP content it seems strange they haven't thrown them a bone all this time.

5 Perfect: Upcoming Free-To-Play

Granted this hasn’t been implemented yet and a lot could go wrong, but the fact that Bungie is not only considering but releasing a free-to-play version is a smart move. Free-to-play has been shown to bring in new players who are tentative about putting down money on the game without having a chance to try it out first.

Even if they never graduate to buying the game or the expansions there is a chance for Bungie to make some serious money through micro-transactions that games like Fortnite have earned billions of dollars with. More money for Bungie means potentially more cool updates and additions to the game.

4 Mistake: Obnoxious Quests

In an effort to give players something to do and a reason to log on, Bungie has continued pumping out quests and challenges that require players to do things like get 500 kills with a specific gun or get to a specific ranking in Crucible.

Unfortunately, this is causing some problems in terms of massive grind for minimal reward or disrupting PVP. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending weeks grinding for a weapon that proves to be useless or trying to win Crucible matches when teammates are running around with only swords.

3 Perfect: Shadowkeep

It hasn’t released yet and already fans are excited and clamoring for more details. In addition to a dark development to the story so far the upcoming DLC is introducing a ton of changes. More game modes, alterations to how armor works, finishing moves, artifacts, and a new faction of enemies called Nightmares.

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It’s a sign that Bungie is more interested in large changes via meaningful expansions then little tweaks and half-handed content additions through more frequent add-ons. There’s also a lot of creative liberties Bungie is taking and it looks promising.

2 Mistake: Hinting At Destiny 3

Perhaps the biggest mistake Bungie has done since the split is being more open about their intention to create Destiny 3. Sure it’s exciting and encouraging that Bungie is committing to continuing the franchise, but announcing early plans to make a sequel immediately gives fans the impression that the current game will suffer as a result.

Why bother with dramatic changes to the current game if a new one is around the corner? Will Bungie withhold fun features or story lines from Destiny 2 so they can make it a selling point of Destiny 3? It just causes problems and makes fans question the effort Bungie will put into Destiny 2 going forward.

1 Perfect: Better Communication

The best change that has occurred since the separation from Activision is the greater emphasis on communication and transparency. There was even a sit down with the developer who talked about the mistakes that have been made and the commitment moving forward to resolve it.

This deeper level of communication and faster response time is reassuring for players and leads to better game developments moving forward. Sure it might create awkward moments like Bungie announcing a greater focus on micro-transactions, but it also leads to exciting DLC like Shadowkeep that feels responsive to players wants and needs.

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