Destiny 2 Mission Honors Purple Ball Tower Easter Egg

ball in Destiny 1 tower

Back when Destiny 2 first launched its beta, players noticed a fun Easter Egg in the Homecoming mission that kicks off the sequel’s campaign. Lying on the ground amidst the rubble and corpses was a deflated purple ball – a slightly somber nod by Bungie to the source of endless entertainment for Tower visitors in Destiny 1.

Now, with Destiny 2 launching its Zero Hour secret mission and sending players back to the “old Tower,” players can once again visit the purple ball “corpse” and pay homage. However, this time around there are a couple of orange cones and caution tape placed around the deflated purple ball, as if to protect it from trampling.

For those that might not remember or who didn’t play Destiny 1, the purple ball was found in The Tower and players could kick or bounce it around, or even send it flying off the edge and to the city below. Chances are if you played Destiny 1 you spent at least a little time messing around with the purple ball, and maybe you even made a friend while trying to juggle it in the air.

But when the Cabal Red Legion invaded The Tower at the start of Destiny 2, the purple ball was seemingly crushed by one of Ghaul’s soldiers. Players were quick to spot the corpse on the ground and the Easter Egg was quickly spread online. It was a little touch for Destiny veterans to both let them know that things were going to change in the Destiny 2 campaign and to honor the memories spent in the first game.

destiny 2 tower purple ball

In a similar vein, the Zero Hour mission takes players on a trip down memory lane as they venture through the old Tower on their way to reclaiming the Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle, reimagined in Destiny 2 as Outbreak Perfected. Considering this is a 20-minute mission – unless players use the Zero Hour infinite time glitch – there isn’t much time to stop and look around but players did spot the purple ball Easter Egg once again.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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