The original Destiny was a huge success for Bungie and Activision, smashing records for a new IP in the process. Destiny‘s popularity persisted over the years thanks to frequent updates from Bungie, including a number of sizable expansions, and so expectations have been high for Destiny 2 to perform just as well. While we don’t have exact sales figures just yet, Bungie has claimed that “millions” of players have played Destiny 2 since its launch on September 6th.

In a recent blog post, Bungie said that millions of players of Guardians have gotten as far as the Farm social space in the game. This is impressive to say the least, and suggests that Destiny 2 may have enjoyed as big of a launch as the original game, if not bigger. Again, we’ll have to wait for exact sales figures to be sure, but it sounds like Destiny 2 is already a major hit.

In the meantime, one can expect Destiny 2‘s popularity and player base to continue to grow. Bungie is readying a slew of content to engage players that have conquered the base game, including the first raid on September 13th and the Trials of the Nine Crucible event on September 15th. There are at least two expansions in the works for Destiny 2 as well, which should go a long way in keeping dedicated players engaged with the game.

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When it comes to drawing in new players and perhaps surpassing the original Destiny‘s player count, the PC version of the game may be able to accomplish that for Bungie. PC gamers are being left out of the launch week festivities and won’t have a chance to start the game until October 24th, but hopefully this later start means they won’t have to deal with as many issues and bugs as console players have had to endure early on.

With new content and a new platform on the way for Destiny 2, the game has the potential to surpass the original’s early sales figures. We’ll have to wait for exact numbers to have a clearer picture of Destiny 2‘s success, but as it stands, it sounds like the game is well on its way to solidifying the franchise as one of the biggest in gaming.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will launch on October 24th.