The Destiny 2 Warmind expansion release is around the corner,as it will finally be rolling out on Tuesday, May 8th. Bungie has warned players that the Destiny 2 servers will be completely offline on Tuesday from 6:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific time while the Warmind release, update 1.2.0 and hotfix, will be implemented, and this might cause players to lose their existing Milestone and ritual rewards in the game.

In a tweet, Bungie has informed players that Milestone rewards earned this week might be lost if they are not claimed before the scheduled maintenance on May 8th, and that players should, therefore, make sure to claim all their Milestone rewards before then. According to the Destiny 2 Reddit, tokens and planetary mats, as well as exotic and legendary engrams should not be removed with the update though, so players can hold on to those for now, But Bungie once again confirmed that Milestones will definitely be lost during the server downtime despite Destiny 2 fans commenting on the Reddit that it is simply a trick to scare players with.

Most Destiny 2 players do not seem too concerned about this news though, as many feel like the Milestone rewards do not offer much to begin with, and many others feel that they are willing to take a chance on it and not turn in their rewards this week. One reason why players are willing to take a chance is because Milestone rewards were not removed with the release of the first expansion, Curse of Osiris, or with any of the Destiny 1 DLC releases.

Saving Milestone rewards may not seem like a big deal, but it can help players for a couple reasons. One, when Warmind goes live, these engrams might switch over to the new loot pool and have the opportunity to grant players will new legendary items or exotics. And two, the engrams can offer a boost in power level, although that will be less meaningful until players hit the new level cap of 30.

We are yet to see on Tuesday whether this will happen though, but it is smart for Bungie to send out a warning just for in case Milestone rewards gained this week disappear on Tuesday. As a Destiny 2 player, it might be wise to take Bungie’s warning to heart and turn in those rewards before the Warmind expansion rolls out.

Destiny 2 Warmind will be out on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 8th.