Activision Wants More Microtransactions in Destiny 2


Despite the Forsaken DLC being a step in the right direction for Destiny 2, the game has still failed to meet expectations as far as sales and "re-engaging" the franchise go. These reports come from Activision's latest earnings call, though it's worth mentioning the Destiny franchise grew quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year for the period of September 30.

During the same earnings call, Activision Publishing boss Coddy Johnson revealed the company is wanting to "improve the pace of innovation and cadence of in-game content." To do this, Activision is also looking at new ways to engage players and earn more money through microtransactions, with the latter statement applying to all Activision franchises, not just Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Johnson went on to say:

"As I said earlier, some of our franchises are underperforming...and we'll continue to push innovation and new content to drive stronger engagement and in-game revenue generation."

Currently, Destiny 2 players can purchase Silver in exchange for real money and then use that Silver to purchase cosmetics (Bright Engrams, Bundles, etc.). It remains to be seen how Activision intends to move forward with microtransactions or what form they will take, but it's not a surprise to see Activision pursuing microtransactions after it made $4 billion on them last year.

Although the next step with microtransactions is currently unknown, the next DLC coming to Destiny 2 is the Black Armory. Rumors heavily suggest that this next DLC will introduce a new tier of weapon to the first-person shooter, but like the aforementioned microtransactions, it remains to be seen.

Of course, everything's in the air for now, but players will surely hear something more about these microtransactions relatively soon. After all, following last year's microtransaction controversy, it's likely Activision is approaching this topic with care. Until then, however, there's plenty to do in Destiny 2, and here's everything players need to finish up prior to the end of season 4.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot, Activision Earnings Call

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