Destiny 2: 8 Pro Tips To Carry Your Team Through The Menagerie

Those craving a new team-based challenge in Destiny 2 can board Calus' expansive Leviathan for an interesting new game mode called The Menagerie. This particular event is already being heralded by many players as one of the coolest things that Bungie has added to the title thus far, and Guardians are having a lot of fun running the event for rewards each week. As fun as Calus' "games" are, though, they can be downright imposing and overwhelming for Guardians who are just hitting the 690 Light threshold or who are entering the Leviathan's halls for the first time.

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Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks you can use to quickly and effectively figure out how to maximize your success in The Menagerie. Since there are massive guides already floating all over the web, we figured we'd point out some of the overlooked tips that many Guardians may disregard when completing Calus' many tasks. Apply these tips to your current Menagerie runs and you'll be carrying your team in no time, no matter how green they are.

8 Revive Your Teammates!

This is something that should go without saying for most of the team-based content in Destiny 2, but reviving your teammates quickly and effectively can mean the difference between "failing" a particular Menagerie task or succeeding through it.

Each one of Calus' "games" comes equipped with an unforgiving timer and Bungie ups the difficulty even more by adding an additional few seconds to the traditional "self-revive" countdown. Every second can count, especially for the difficult tasks, so be sure to pick everyone up as soon as they go down.

7 Pay Attention To The Modifiers

Like Nightfalls, Strikes, and other cooperative events, The Menagerie will rotate a specific setup of modifiers each week. While random, you can usually expect some kind of "singe" to be active.

Be sure to tune your weapons and subclass to this singe (Solar, Arc, or Void), as your class abilities and gunfire will do a lot more damage. This can come in handy for taking down some of the bigger bosses and majors that come stomping in during Calus' many events.

6 Crystals Are A Guardian's Best Friend

Each run will be different, and the rotation of mini-games and events follows a randomized pattern. This next tip pertains to a specific event called "The Crystals," which has you battling against Vex in a multi-storey room. During the event, special Vex Harpies will spawn, which drop crystals when defeated.

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Guardians must pick up these crystals and aim fireable beams (using your "shoot" button) at larger purple crystals in random slots around the room. Once enough crystals are destroyed, a boss will spawn. What many may not know is that these crystals can be used for more than just the objective. They actually do a ton of damage to enemies and bosses, especially when aimed at their weak spots.

5 Clear Those Mobs

If you're first starting The Menagerie (which is available at Light Level 690), you'll possibly find yourself running for cover and frantically clinging to life. The enemies which roam the Leviathan are strong, brutal, and unforgiving. As your Light grows, you may find it easier to survive, but this next tip comes in handy for a few of the mini-events you'll come across.

It isn't enough to simply focus the majors and bosses in some rooms. During hectic events like The Crystals, The Riposte, and The Arkborn, smaller mobs will constantly spawn. While these lesser-creatures may not seem like much alone, they quickly become an overwhelming nuisance. Make sure you take it upon yourself to clear some of the clutter if your teammates are too focused elsewhere. It'll keep you all alive in the long run.

4 Learn The Ins And Outs Of Calus' Games

This should go without saying, but it's still an important tip if you plan on "carrying" your squad through the halls of the Leviathan. Calus designed The Menagerie to test the strength of his Guardian guests, while also providing a bit of entertainment for himself.

Each "task" has a specific time limit, gimmick, and a series of sub-tasks that must be completed. The better you do during each individual task, the faster you can down the big boss at the end and collect your reward. Take it upon yourself to learn exactly how everything operates and you'll be busy carrying your team while they wander aimlessly through mobs.

3 Recovery Can Speed Things Up

Recovery is a stat often overlooked by players who don't live and breath the world of Destiny 2, but it's hard to deny how valuable it is to have a high number next to the Recovery heading on your Character page. While Mobility offers a small boost to walking speed (and a minuscule boost to jump height) and Resilience can allow you to take a few more direct hits than normal, the amount of Recovery you have can actually make a huge difference in whether you're surviving the hectic Menagerie or waiting for a revive.

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The higher the stat, the less time you'll spend waiting anxiously in cover for your health and shields to regen. Remember, speed is king on the Leviathan, and Recovery will put you back in the fight faster.

2 Conquer The Riposte

Orange-Bar Knights with swords and shields are your priority, as taking them down will cause them to drop a relic, which must be picked up and used to break the shield on the other knights roaming the room. Once their shields are broken, keep slashing them with the swords (or heavy attack to slice down), which should keep them staggered and eliminate them easily. Once enough Knights are down, Ogres will begin to spawn. Maintain the same strategy but make sure you back up from these brutes once their shields are broken. They love to stomp the ground, and a few stomps will put you down.

Once the "Treasured Ogre" spawns, you're almost through. Break his shield with a sword and then have your entire team unload their strongest attacks on him. Just be sure not to get too close: he really packs a punch. Make sure you or a few teammates are clearing mobs, as the room can get congested quickly. Keep everything rolling and you'll be fast on your way to conquering one of Calus' most difficult games.

1 Bully Those Bosses

It's not enough just to learn Calus' games. When the Menagerie first appeared, Guardians only had to worry about one particular boss. Now there are a few at Calus' disposal, and we suppose it's possible we may see more released in the future (depending on how far Bungie decides to take this interesting new game mode).

Although you won't be under any time constraints when it comes to finishing the big bads, you'll still want to know how each of them operates so you can quickly and effectively carry your team to victory. It's all about repeated runs and practise.

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