Destiny 2 Buffing Menagerie Chest, Tuning Reckoning Difficulty

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Destiny 2 players hoping to get some of the game’s best hand cannons are in luck, as Bungie has announced plans to make the Reckoning and Menagerie activities more rewarding. Specifically, players looking to get the Spare Rations, the Waking Vigil, or the Austringer hand cannons will be particularly pleased by this news, since up until now farming them has become an unfulfilling grind.

Alongside the announcement that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was delayed until October 1st, Bungie confirmed some plans to fill in the extra time between Season 7 and the start of Season 8/Year 3. There will be more Iron Banner events, more opportunities to earn double/triple Infamy or Valor, and there will be a patch that addresses Recknoning and Menagerie.

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Reckoning Difficulty Tuning

For Reckoning, the activity has offered little incentive for players to complete both because of how time-consuming it can be, how challenging the modifiers can make it, and how low the drop rates are. If not in a pre-made fireteam it’s fairly common to load into Reckoning by yourself or with one other player, since so few players actually want to attempt a run.

It’s a shame, too, because Reckoning has some quality weapons on offer, and none is more sought after than the Spare Rations hand cannon. With the right perks, the Spare Rations can be one of the best PvP hand cannons in the game, but getting just one Spare Rations to drop is tough. And getting a Spare Rations to drop with good perks is even harder.

Bungie did try to make Reckoning a little more rewarding but its efforts didn’t have a huge impact on the Destiny 2 activity because it can still be very difficult. Without a Well of Radiance Warlock, Tier 3 Reckoning can be almost impossible with a matchmade team, especially if the modifiers are bad. Luckily, Bungie plans to tune the difficulty so that Reckoning is easier to get through and farm for Spare Rations. That being said, there are no announced plans to change the Spare Rations drop rate, so keep that in mind.

Menagerie Chest Reward Buff

Menagerie is a different beast because at one point it was very rewarding. Through a glitch, Destiny 2 players could farm the chest at the end of the activity multiple times and pull multiple versions of the same or different weapons. Hand cannon fans put their focus on the Austringer and the Waking Vigil, but again they were at the mercy of RNG whether a good one dropped.

Then, Bungie nerfed the Menagerie chest and made it so that players could only use it once per run. For those who were not working on the Shadow title or just bored, Menagerie became just as much of a chore as Reckoning.

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Once again Bungie has seen the error in its ways and it plans to make the Menagerie chest more rewarding. It’s unclear whether that means a complete reversion back to the 300-second farming or something else, but either way hand cannon fans should be happy.

It’s unclear when this patch will go live but it will be before Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases on October 1st. In addition to the Reckoning nerf and the Menagerie buff, the patch will also make the Mountaintop pinnacle weapon quest and Wendigo quest easier to complete.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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