Masterworks weapons are a new addition to Destiny 2, added to the game as part of the December 12 update. They present a new tier of weapons for players to chase, a sub tier to existing Legendary weapons.

How Masterworks weapons work

Masterworks are an alternate version of existing weapons and any Legendary weapon can have a Masterworks version. It has an extra yellow/gold embellishment within its purple tool tip UI display on the menu screens. A Masterworks weapon offers a few things the traditional Legendary version does not. First, they come with a randomly rolled extra weapon stat bonus, which adds to stats including Range, Handling, Reload Speed, etc. Second, getting multi-kills will generate orbs for the player and allies. Lastly, the weapon will track how many kills a player has gotten with it.

Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons Added in December Update - Profile

Destiny 2 players will need to designate the weapon as either a Vanguard weapon (whose Masterworks perks are active in PvE) or a Crucible weapon (perks work in PvP), but there is the ability to change that designation with the use of Masterwork Cores and Legendary Shards.

Where to find Masterworks weapons

Masterworks weapons can come from any source of Legendary weapon drops. They will start dropping for players as long as they are above power level 250. Players are reporting that drops are pretty rare, so it may require some grinding to get Masterworks, especially the favorites players may really want.

Using Masterwork Cores

Masterwork Cores are items used to either re-roll a weapon’s perks, change its designation between Vanguard and Crucible, as well as make an existing Legendary into a Masterworks version. Masterwork Cores are obtained by dismantling a Masterworks weapon but how many a player gets is random. Some will reward 1 Masterwork Core but they can reward up to 3.

destiny 2 masterworks shotgun

Re-rolling perks on a Masterworks weapon costs three Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards. Changing a Masterworks designation between the Vanguard/Crucible version costs 10 Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards. Upgrading an existing Legendary weapon to Masterworks also costs 10 Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards.

Masterworks give players something else to chase in Destiny 2, introducing a little bit of randomness into rolls that are otherwise static. While it isn’t the perfect system,¬†at least it is a first step in a positive direction for the game.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.