One of Destiny 2‘s most exciting features is its map system, part of the online multiplayer shooter’s renewed focus on solo and group PvE content in the open world. The latest Destiny 2 trailer is a quick refresher on just what the map will bring to the game, as well as some of the secondary features associated with the map that some players may not be familiar with, including both fast travel and Destiny 2‘s Milestones. Beyond the promise of an epic story, Destiny 2‘s explorable maps may be Bungie’s most exciting new idea.

Maps in Destiny 2 are effectively an addition to and expansion of explorable areas from Destiny made strikingly more robust. A map will cover the entirety of an explorable area, of which there are four in Destiny 2: Titan, Io, Nessus, and the European Dead Zone.

Opening the map will show all of the immediately accessible events within the area. As the player progresses, completes side content, or simply over the course of time, the events on the map will change. It’s a mix of authored and dynamic content that ensures plenty of PvE content available all day, every day.

For Destiny players who couldn’t get enough of Patrols, it’ll be comforting to know they’ll be returning. Public Events and encounters will also be available, all of it highlighted with icons on the map. Both Patrols and Public Events have been upgraded to provide more exciting and diverse experiences, too. Considering how stale both could become in Destiny, a change is definitely a boon.

The new additions to Destiny 2 are even more interesting. Adventures are short side-missions, 10-15 minute authored quest chains with short stories, dialogue, and unique action. Lost Sectors are like small in-world dungeons that require exploration to discover. And who knows what other surprises Bungie might have in store.

Fast travel is also a major focus of the short trailer, a feature that hasn’t been discussed often by Bungie. Players will be able to open up their maps and instantly travel to different “Landing Zones” within the explorable region at will, without having to go into orbit. This makes getting to that Public Event in time that much easier, not to mention just being able to do the content you want when you want without having to worry about travel times. It’s not clear yet whether players will have to unlock Landing Zones one by one, but it’s likely.

destiny 2 - fighting outside lost sector

And then there are Milestones. Milestones in Destiny 2 aren’t really related to maps or explorable zones specifically, but this trailer gives a great look at just how Milestones work. Think of Milestones as general guidance or recommendations for a variety of content accessible to the player. The Milestones shown in the trailer direct the player to finish a quest to unlock a new Subclass, complete the next story mission, unlock Crucible access, and to establish a Patrol network in the European Dead Zone. Each task progresses the character in one way or another, slowly introducing them to more and more of Destiny 2.

There’s still going to be a point where players burn through all of the Destiny 2 authored content, and a point after where the dynamically created content starts to get repetitive. But it’s clear that Bungie’s gone to great lengths to ensure players squeeze every ounce of juice from the game before reaching that point, and even then players will have a diverse selection of things to do. Players will get to experience this for themselves soon.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, followed by an October 24 release on PC.