The planetary destinations of Destiny 2 have plenty of hidden items for players to find, but they have never mattered as much as they do now in the latest Warmind expansion. Finding Data Fragments and Sleeper Nodes are key to the DLC’s quests and rewards and while some players will want to find them the old-fashioned way without any help, a new fan site gives players a visual guide to every hidden item.

Credit for the site goes to Richard Deveraux, an Australian Destiny 2 fan who was able to use the game’s API to create a site that works on web browsers, tablets, and mobile. Players can find the site here, which gives a full view of the new Mars public space. Clicking Maps will navigate back to a Director screen that allows players to look at the hidden items across any of the game’s public destinations.

For a more customized map, be sure to click the yellow arrow icon in the top right to authorize the web app with Doing so will show which items have been found per character. By clicking on the bottom icon bar, users can hide items they don’t care about, which makes focusing on a single type of item (like hunting down the Data Fragments) even easier.

destiny 2 maps fan site

While the other destination maps can be used to find things like Ghost scannables and more trivial hidden items, this app goes a long way in helping players check everything off their list when it comes to the Warmind quests. With this guide, players should be able to unlock items such as the Worldline Zero exotic sword in no time.

The site also contains other uses of the API including a Gear Viewer, a look at the week’s Flashpoint, and a Subclass Builder; but, the Maps feature is something that hasn’t really ever been seen before this within the Destiny 2 community.

Destiny 2: Warmind is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Richard Deveraux