Destiny 2 Director Writing 8-Page Post About State of the Game

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Destiny 2 is currently going through a major transition. Bungie, now independent, is reevaluating the direction it wants to take Destiny 2 and the Destiny franchise in. The first product of this new era of Destiny for Bungie will be the game's Shadowkeep expansion, which launches October 1. Exactly how Shadowkeep will move Destiny 2 forward is only partially known, with Bungie promising to further elaborate. That elaboration appears to be coming from Destiny 2 director Luke Smith as soon as next week.

In a tweet posted today, Smith delayed his previous promise to release the State of the Game post this week. It will instead be, tentatively, published early next week. Destiny fans won't be disappointed, though. Smith is now promising a two-part post with each half stretching up to 8 pages long. While Smith isn't clear about whether both halves will be coming next week, players can assume that at least the first half will be published soon.

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The first 8 pages of Smith's planned Destiny 2 State of the Game will focus on the past six months of Destiny. Based on this timeframe, Smith is likely referencing Bungie's separation from Activision in January. However, he may also be referencing the seasonal structure that followed the release of Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion. Either way, Smith will be addressing how Bungie and Destiny has changed in recent months.

The second half of Smith's post is said to be similar in size, but no further details were provided. Destiny fans can likely expect this half to deal with Bungie's plans going into the future. How detailed Smith is likely to be in this mammoth post is unclear, but given its length, it wouldn't be surprising if Smith talked about anything and everything Destiny-related.

The reality of the situation continues to be that the Shadowkeep expansion likely won't be too different than what players have come to expect from Destiny 2. There's only so much that a studio can do in a matter of months. Beyond Shadowkeep, anything is possible. Bungie could do as much or as little as it wants to change the game. Bungie could close out Destiny 2 entirely and focus on Destiny 3. Bungie could drop Destiny in favor of a new IP. Bungie could even be struggling with the financials of its independence and take a new offer, contract or acquisition, from a different publisher.

It's a time of change at Bungie. Luckily, Luke Smith appears to be prepped to inform Destiny fans about what comes next very soon.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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