Destiny 2 Director Will Discuss Shadowkeep Gameplay Changes

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Destiny 2 underwent a huge change earlier this year behind the scenes, with its developer Bungie breaking away from Activision to self-publish the mega-franchise on its own. The current Season of Opulence marked the last content drop with which Activision and some of the publisher's studios were involved, so moving forward Bungie is in full control of the franchise starting with the Shadowkeep expansion.

In a move that came as a surprise, Bungie delayed this fall's Shadowkeep expansion by two weeks, pushing its release date to October 1st. In the context of that decision and announcement by the developer, Destiny franchise director Luke Smith says that he will publish a lengthy "State of the Game" post next week discussing what Bungie has learned since becoming fully independent and the changes coming to Shadowkeep and the decisions behind them.

In comparison to past Destiny 2 expansions, Bungie has not shown a whole lot of Shadowkeep as far as previewing the content that fans can expect. So being able to find out some more about the changes to the game could help build excitement for the new content.

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Bungie has shown a major change coming to the game already in the form of the Armor 2.0 system. With the new armor system, players have more flexibility to customize their visual appearance without worrying about the specific perks on each armor piece. Bungie has also mentioned that it will also be reworking how progression and leveling work in the game with the release of Shadowkeep as well.

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From Smith's tweet, it sounds like the information he shares will be fairly detailed and in-depth, which will be good news for fans who value open communication from Bungie. There have been times in Destiny's history where Bungie has gone silent and not given players much information about where the game was headed. So this post that sounds to be both a look back at lessons learned and a look forward at what Bungie wants to do with Destiny 2 should be a positive move especially in light of the Shadowkeep delay.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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