There will inevitably be an incredible amount of expectation on Bungie’s Destiny 2, with most of it stemming from the promise of the first game that was arguably fulfilled – albeit a little late, after several expansions and player complaints had given the developer direction on where to go with additional content. That expectation won’t weigh on Bungie’s decision to fundamentally alter several gameplay elements, like the addition of a new “button” in Destiny 2 for casual players, and it won’t stop the team behind the game from experimenting with new systems to attract different player mentalities to Destiny 2.

Case in point: Destiny 2‘s new Lost Sectors endgame content will not be repetitive, functioning instead as a one time extension of the campaign experience that is meant to enhance players’ understanding of the game’s story or merely offer Guardians the opportunity to do something fresh and exciting. The report stems from several Reddit threads analyzing an interview with a Destiny 2 producer, and seem to have been accepted as fact by the community at large. The latest thread emerged a few hours ago here, and functions more as a defense of the feature rather than unveiling anything new, but it’s an important read regardless.

The idea that Destiny 2‘s Lost Sectors content will be a one time endgame addition that will be particularly valuable to more casual players makes a lot of sense given what we know about the game already. Lost Sectors will be “hand crafted”, meaning they won’t be procedurally generated, confirming earlier speculation that they would be one-off experiences. Furthermore, Destiny 2 appears to be Bungie’s attempt at creating a more casual-friendly gameplay experience, presumably in an effort to increase Destiny 2‘s appeal to reach a broader audience.

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Ultimately, Guardians will have to wait and see how the Lost Sectors are implemented in Destiny 2 to decide whether the philosophy behind them is suitable for the experience they provide. Still, though, the fact that Lost Sectors represent such a dramatic departure from how Bungie has handled content in Destiny should be taken as a sign of the franchise’s overall growth – Bungie clearly wants to improve on some of the short-comings of the original Destiny, and given that one of the complaints most often made by fans was of barren content between expansions, Destiny 2 looks like it may have a solution well in hand.

Destiny 2 will release on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Reddit