Destiny 2: How Lost Sectors Work and What Rewards They Offer

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When Destiny 2 developer Bungie initially pitched Lost Sectors, the studio claimed they were a form of “mini dungeon.” Players would need to seek out these hidden areas, venture through them, and beat a boss-like enemy. If successful, the Lost Sector would then reward the player and his/her fireteam with loot.

Having now played Destiny 2, Game Rant can elaborate a little more on how Lost Sectors work. The good news is that the mini dungeon explanation is fairly accurate, and the rewards should make Lost Sectors worth the effort and part of the grind.

How to Find a Lost Sector

At first, players will need to find Lost Sectors on their own. These will be marked by a symbol that looks like two arches (one tucked inside the other) with a dot underneath the bottom arch. Once the player has found that symbol they will know they are near a Lost Sector.

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but most Lost Sectors seem to force the player underground, so it’s best to look for a path downward once the symbol has been located. The player should know if they are headed in the right direction if the area designation changes and says ‘Lost Sector Discovered’.

What’s cool about the Lost Sectors is that they can offer a new landscape for players to explore, and occasionally they will be unlike anything in the planetary destination seen thus far. For example, a Lost Sector in the European Dead Zone may be found in a run down factory setting, but the dungeon has a lush forest complete with running streams and tons of vegetation. It gives the sense that there is a lot more to Destiny 2’s landscapes than in the first game, with plenty of secrets to discover for those who choose to look.

The Code Cache and Loot

Eventually, the Lost Sector path will lead players to a group of enemies with a boss. The boss enemy type depends on the Lost Sector, but players can expect to see some of their favorites on display throughout Destiny 2.

The goal for each Lost Sector is to take out that boss enemy. Once done, the player will be rewarded with a ‘Cache Code,’ which is used to open the chest in the back area of each Lost Sector. In essence, killing the Lost Sector boss unlocks a key to the loot chest for all involved in the encounter.

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With at least a dozen Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone alone, it appears that Destiny 2 will have plenty of side quests for players to venture out on and areas to look for. Previously Bungie had said that Lost Sectors were a one-time endgame experience, but that was not the case when we played. Presumably they could become part of the weekly grind, but it was unclear if the areas reset. Still, from an introductory perspective Lost Sectors feel like a smart reason to keep exploring the worlds Bungie has created.

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Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC. Game Rant was provided travel and lodging for this preview event.

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