Destiny 2 DLC: Which Lost Prophecy Verse Unlocks Each Infinite Forge Weapon

destiny 2 lost prophecy forge weapons

Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris is here and with it comes a lot of new gear to collect or earn. One of the marquee gear sets that Bungie has been touting since before the DLC’s launch is the Infinite Forge weapons.

To acquire the Infinite Forge weapons in Destiny 2, players will first need to unlock access to them. All you need to do is complete all of the story missions in Curse of Osiris, then finish all of the Adventures on Mercury, and finally complete a Heroic Adventure for Brother Vance. After all of that is done, Vance will offer you a Lost Prophecy – in this case, Verse 1, but there are 11 in total.

Lost Prophecy Materials

Completing the first Verse (and earning the Garden Progeny 1 scout rifled) is fairly easy and only requires 1 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, but there are two other items to be aware of when it comes to forging. They are:

  • Concentrated Radiolarian Culture: Random drop from Public Events and Destination Chests. Brother Vance can turn 10 Radiolarian Culture into 1 Concentrated version.
  • Advanced Paradox Amplifier: Random drop from Strike completion, Crucible match completion, and Heroic Adventures. Brother Vance can turn 10 Paradox Amplifiers into 1 Advanced Paradox Amplifier.
  • Fossilized Hermaion Blossom: Random drop from Nightfall Strikes, Trials of the Nine match completion, and Heroic Strikes.

Verse 1 - Garden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle)

destiny 2 forge - scout rifle

Once players complete the first Lost Prophecy and forge the Garden Progeny 1 scout rifle they will be given choices as to which Lost Prophecy they want next. These Lost Prophecies also carry more demanded requirements to complete, so choose wisely.

Verse 2 - The Conqueror 2 (Submachine Gun)

destiny 2 forge - submachine gun

Verse 2 requires 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and 1 Advanced Paradox Amplifier. The weapon’s main perk is Kill Clip and its secondary perk tree includes Steady Rounds, Extended Mag, or Tactical Mag.

Verse 3 - Jack Queen King 3 (Hand Cannon)

destiny 2 forge - energy hand cannon

Verse 3 requires 1 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifier. The weapon’s main perk is Pulse Monitor and the perk tree includes Ricochet Rounds, Tactical Mag, and Accurized Rounds.

Verse 4 - Machina Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle)

destiny 2 forge - energy pulse rifle

Verse 4 requires 3 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. The pulse rifle’s main perk is Ambitious Assassin and the three secondary perk choices are Tactical Mag, Appended Mag, or High Caliber Rounds.

Verse 5 - Traveler's Judgment (Sidearm)

destiny 2 forge - sidearm

Verse 5 asks for 3 Advanced Paradox Amplifier and 1 Fossilized Hermaion Blossom. The sidearm’s perks are Headseeker for its main and a choice between Steady Rounds, Accurized Rounds, or Armor-Piercing Rounds.

Verse 6 - Sol Pariah 6 (Submachine Gun)

destiny 2 forge - energy submachine gun

Verse 6 requires 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifier. The submachine gun’s main perk is Grave Robber and the secondary choices are Ricochet Rounds, Phase Magazine, and Flared Magwell.

Verse 7 - West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon)

destiny 2 forge - hand cannon

Verse 7 needs 1 Advanced Paradox Amplifier and 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossom. Its main perk is Auto-Loading Holster and the perk tree includes High Caliber Rounds, Extended Mag, and Accurized Rounds.

Verse 8 - Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle)

destiny 2 forge - pulse rifle

Verse 8 needs 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifier and 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossom to complete. The pulse rifle’s main perk is Dragonfly and its sub options are Drop Mag, Accurized Rounds, and Alloy Magazine.

Verse 9 - Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle)

destiny 2 forge - auto rifle

Verse 9 needs 2 each of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, Advanced Paradox Amplifier, and Fossilized Hermaion Blossom. The perks on the weapon are Zen Moment for the main and a choice between Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, and Flared Magwell.

Verse 10 - Future Safe 10 (Sword)

destiny 2 forge - sword

Verse 10 just needs 3 Advanced Paradox Amplifier. The sword offers En Garde as its main perk, Burst Guard or Balanced Guard for blocking, and Jagged Edge or Hungry Edge for ammo consideration.

Another Verse (Shotgun)

destiny 2 forge - shotgun

Another Verse can only be obtained after completing the Legends Lost Quest from Brother Vance. It’s unclear how to get this Quest just yet, but most assume it unlocks after forging all ten Lost Prophecy weapons. The shotgun has Rampage for its main perk and a choice between Accurized Rounds, Steady Rounds, or Flared Magwell.

Keep in mind that acquiring any of these “crafting materials” can take a lot of time, especially where the Radiolarian Culture is concerned. Not every chest or Public Event will drop the item so there is a bit of grinding to be done. That’s why it’s important to know what each Verse unlocks ahead of time – to ensure the reward is worth the effort.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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