Destiny 2: How the Lost Forges Activity Works

After a lot of mystery and rumors, Bungie finally pulled the curtain back on what's next for Destiny 2 by releasing a lengthy new trailer showing off what the studio has planned over the next year. The first of three new content updates arrives next week with Black Armory, which not only adds new exotics, vanity rewards, and much more, but it also adds new activities for players to participate in as well. These endgame activities known as the Lost Forges will be a key component for players going forward and here's how they work.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Destiny 2 Design Director Evan Nikolich revealed that the thought process behind the Lost Forges was inspired by other activities like Blind Well and Escalation Protocol. Unlike those activities, Lost Forges finally incorporates dedicated matchmaking for a maximum of three players, similar to what Bungie put together with the Haunted Forest. Bungie's also looking to provide a challenging but repeatable activity as it starts above the current maximum power level of 600, but the activity promises to drop max level loot over time.

Once the event begins, players will need to hold out against waves of enemies. Unlike other events, players will need a bit more coordination outside of just killing hordes of enemies as new throwable relics will need to be grabbed and used to charge the forge. The first forge opens its gate on December 4 alongside the Black Amory update and interested players will need to first pick up the Annual Pass in order to gain access to this new content.

For those who don't want to spring for the $34.99 annual pass, there's still plenty of free content coming with the update. While free players won't get access to the new Black Armory weapons like Izanagi's Burden or the new raid, they'll still be getting new Triumphs, vanity items, and rank rewards. Everybody is also seeing a 50 point increase to the maximum power level and of course, seasonal events like The Dawning will continue to be available for all players to take part in.

Destiny 2: Black Armory releases December 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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