Destiny 2 Details Lord of Wolves Nerf, Iron Banner Quest Changes

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The wolves have howled for long enough; Bungie is finally ready to nerf the Lord of Wolves shotgun in Destiny 2. In its weekly blog post, the developer detailed the plans for the upcoming nerf as well as some additional changes coming to the game.

Next Tuesday, July 30th, Destiny 2 will receive a new patch that will include a number of changes to the game. As promised, Bungie is nerfing the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun, which has run rampant in Crucible since its Release the Wolves perk was changed with Season of Opulence. While things weren’t as bad on console, on PC players were capable of laying waste to any opponent, even those in their Super, with only a few bullets.

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Post-patch, Lord of Wolves will see its range reduced in its basic form and even further when Release the Wolves is active. On top of that, whenever the player has Release the Wolves active, they will pick up less ammo. Hopefully, this should be enough to prevent Destiny 2 players from wiping out anything in their path and obscene ranges.

Another key piece of the patch comes at an odd time since it makes the Iron Banner quest a little easier and Iron Banner will have just ended when the update goes live. The good news, though, is those players who are having trouble with the quest might have an easier time. After the patch goes live, objective values will be adjusted so that players have to get 50% less grenade kills and 25% less sword kills, and kills from teammates will fully count toward objective completion progress.

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Other changes on the way include reworking of the "Emperor’s Gladiator" and "Scoundrel in Uniform" Tributes so that players don’t have to wear a full set of Leviathan armor and weapons. But if they do, progress will be quicker depending on how many items are equipped.

Heroic Menagerie will guarantee a sword drop on the first completion and there will be a 25% of a sword dropping on subsequent completions. Considering how hard Heroic Menagerie can be and that it requires a pre-made fireteam, it’s smart of Bungie to make it easier to acquire the swords. On its own, the Heroic Menagerie didn’t offer many incentives to complete it, outside of working on the Shadow title.

Bungie says there will be additional bug fixes and general updates included in the patch, but those are the key items the Destiny 2 developer was willing to reveal this week. The patch will officially go live on July 30th at the 10am PT reset.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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