One of the most (in)famous things in the first Destiny was that game’s loot caves. These were certain sections of the game with low-level enemies which could be easily killed and farmed for loot. It now seems that loot caves have carried over to Destiny 2.

The Nessus loot cave is believed to be the first discovered in the game so far and is relatively easy to access. To get to it, Destiny 2 players must go to the Exodus Black Landing Zone and visit the cave on the right-hand side of the area, hopping on their Sparrow to get to the first chamber of the cave quicker. A chest may spawn inside the first chamber of the cave or the two small cave systems on the right side of the chamber – there are several possible spots that it may show up in.

Once opened, the chest will stay spawned for 60 seconds. So as the timer counts down, players must jump through the Chamber of Sky teleporter, going ahead until the location description for the Chamber of Sky shows up on screen. Then, players can rush back to the first cave chamber, to find the chest in the exact same spot, ready to be opened and looted again. Once the 60 second clock has run down, it will be two minutes until a new chest spawns and players can start the process again.

Looted chests will provide players with Nessus Tokens (an estimated 60 Nessus Tokens an hour) which can be redeemed for Legendary engrams with Failsafe. Legendary engrams will only get Destiny 2 players to a 265 Power level and so the loot cave is only useful to a point. However, this Power level could be high enough to take on the first Destiny 2 raid and so it is well-worth checking out if players want a quick way to get ahead.

At this point it’s unclear whether the loot cave is an intended feature of it’s just an exploit. If it’s the latter then players should expect developer Bungie to get rid of it, as the developer also patched out the first loot cave in the original Destiny.

Although players of the first game did soon discover other loot caves, a backup loot cave has yet to be found in the sequel. And so those who want to increase their Power level quickly, using this loot cave method, will want to make use of it now before it’s gone for good.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: PS4Trophies – YouTube