Destiny 2 will lock player loadouts on certain activities, developer Bungie reveals. Bungie has been steadily detailing more about the game in the run up to its release, recently showing off its social space, The Farm.

Speaking in a recent interview, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith confirmed that for some activities in the game, players will be “loadout locked” and they will be unable to change. Smith said that for the difficulty level at the “pinnacle” of the game, Bungie has tried to make it a “much tougher game.” The developer also compared Destiny 2‘s loadouts to being like a “golf bag,” as players will look at their items before an activity and ask, “Oh, what should we bring to this?”

As to be expected, fans are split over the announcement of this huge Destiny 2 change. Many seem to be on-board, saying that it will provide them with a real challenge, ensuring that players will have to “live with” the loadout decisions that they have made, as they will not be able to change things up once the activity begins. There is also the opportunity to create the “best” loadout for an activity, with loadout metas being shared among Destiny 2 players.

Others, though, aren’t so convinced by this change, as some players argue that Bungie is simply limiting fans’ choices, as it could actually take the enjoyment out of the game. While it might cause players to assemble teams of different roles, there are concerns that it could actually “force” players into a certain role. This could help players to feel as though their roles really matter, but on the other hand, if players to have to take on roles that they don’t usually play or enjoy, then it’s going to lead to a miserable experience.

Positively, Bungie has plenty of time to address any complaints following the Destiny 2 open beta. Even for players on-board with the change, who relish the chance to test their skills, there is a possibility that it could make the game too difficult. The developer may also find that players find the change too restrictive – even in practice – and will have to take another look at the feature before the game’s release date in September. Following the missteps of the first entry, Bungie is paying a lot of attention to fan feedback to improve the game, and will hopefully alter the sequel as such.

Destiny 2 is slated to release on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while its launch on PC is set for October 24, 2017.

Source: IGN