Destiny 2: How to Link Your Account to Steam for Transfer

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Destiny 2 players on PC can now link their accounts from to Steam for transfer. The official transfer of accounts won't occur until October 1, but Bungie is encouraging players to link their accounts now. After October 1, Destiny 2 will not be functional on Linking a Steam account for automatic transfer will be the only way to play Destiny 2 on PC. It's luckily a straightforward and simple process, but there are some eccentricities to the process.

The idea behind the process is rather simple. Destiny 2 players on PC need to go to and link both their existing account and their Steam account. will be able to store all of their account data on the website, updated all the way through October 1. After the deadline crosses, will then transfer all of that account information to the new Steam account.

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Finally, before getting into the details, it's important to clarify what will transfer over in the process. Every player's characters, along with their entire inventory and progression will carry over. That's effectively everything in-game. Next is all of a player's owned expansion content. That includes content through the Forsaken Annual Pass. And thirdly, all of a player's Silver will carry over to Steam. That's pretty much everything associated with a player's account.

Again, the transfer won't complete until October 1. Players can link their and Steam accounts right now and continue playing as normal up until the transfer on October 1.

Logging Into

Bungie has put up its official website for PC users transferring their accounts from to Steam. After visiting this site, click on the large "Get Started" button. It will then lead users through the process of logging into through a Destiny 2 account on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. This happens even if players have already associated their account with their account.

After logging in, users will be given a message telling them that they must link a Blizzard account before continuing. This message appears whether the user has already link their account or not. At this point, they'll be within their account information settings, in the "Accounts & Linking" section. Here, users will be able to see whether or not they've already linked their accounts to


From the user's account settings, go to the "Accounts &  Linking" section. Most users will already have accounts linked, since most users logged onto using their account. For the few that didn't, click on "Link" next to the Authenticated Account section. A prompt will appear on-screen that's authenticated directly by Blizzard requiring the user's account address and password.

Note that, if the user has enabled 2-factor security on their account then they'll have to approve the account login from their phone. 2-factor security through a phone app will result in a text message to the user's phone after providing a name and password. This text message prompts the user to open their Blizzard authenticator app and then press "Approve" to verify the login. Users should then be able to see their account name linked in their Authenticated Accounts.

Linking Steam

Linking Steam in is a little bit different than linking or one of the other console accounts. From the account Authenticated Accounts section, users should see Steam listed, along with a "Link" button. Clicking on the Link button will issue a prompt stating, " Destiny accounts will be transferred to Steam for Shadowkeep launch. Please visit to link a Steam account." Clicking the "Learn More" button will take users to this webpage.

Users will be taken back to the page where they initially started, only now they'll be logged in and have their account linked. Click the "Get Started" button once again, from here. The user will now be prompted to "Agree to Emails," as Bungie will be issuing status updates regarding the state of Destiny 2's PC transfers via email. Simply click the checkmark next to "I agree to receive customer service and system notifications by email" and then click "Continue."

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Destiny 2 users will now be able to review the account details associated with their account. In the Characters section, all three of the user's characters, including their class, race, sex, and power level, will be listed. In the Game Content section, all of the player's purchased expansions should be listed. And finally, in the Eververse section the player's Silver will be listed. Note that this isn't a finalized list. It will be updated all the way through October 1. Click Continue when ready. This information will remain available to players.

Next, the user will have to accept a Transfer Agreement allowing Bungie to transfer all of their account information and entitlements from to Steam. Scroll to the bottom and click "I Agree." There doesn't appear to be any fine print or warnings here.

The final step of the process is actually linking Steam to the user's account. Click "Link Steam" to move forward. A warning will then be issued stating that all transfers will be final and to only link a Steam account that the user has full control over. There's no way to reverse the transfer once it goes through on October 1. There's no way to switch from one Steam account to another after October 1. However, users can unlink their Steam account and then link a different one prior to October 1. Click "Continue" when ready.

Be aware that some users, after clicking Continue here, are receiving a popup showing a "500: Internal Server Error." At this time, there's no known solution for this. It's an issue on Bungie's end. Try waiting for 30 minutes and logging working through the process again.

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If the Steam login prompt does pop up, then continue with the process. Users will next be able to login to steam with their username and password. If the Steam account has  2-factor security, they'll receive a text message with a 5-digit code that will have to be typed in. After that code is provided, the process will be complete. A message reading "I'm Done!" will be shown.

If the user returns to the main transfer page on a message saying "My Transfer Details" will be shown. This will feature the user's updated Destiny 2 information day to day, all the way up through October 1's transfer.

destiny 2 completed PC transfer

Exactly how the transfer on October 1 will go, only Bungie truly knows. Services may be down for hours or longer. Account information may or may not be available immediately. Bungie does note that characters and Silver will transfer prior to Destiny purchases. But it's not like players will be able to tell, since they won't be able to download and install Destiny 2 through steam until their purchase has been transferred.

Bungie also clarifies that Destiny 2 players on PC can go ahead and pre-order Shadowkeep or the Digitial Deluxe Edition of Shadowkeep on Steam now if they want. The expansion will automatically connect to the user's copy of Destiny 2 when the transfer goes through on October 1.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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