Destiny 2: How to Complete the Limited Blessings Raid Challenge in Crown of Sorrow

destiny 2 hunter in crown of sorrow raid

For those Destiny 2 clans that have hit rank 4, there is a new raid challenge available for Crown of Sorrow. The Limited Blessings challenge is the first of the Crown of Sorrow raid challenges to become available for Destiny 2 players and it involves the first encounter in the endgame activity.

How Limited Blessings Challenge Works

As with most challenges, Limited Blessings is fairly simple and will only require a tiny bit of coordination. Throughout the entire first encounter of the Crown of Sorrow raid, there cannot be more than 2 players who possess the Witch’s Blessing buff.

What this means is that the fireteam will still split into three groups of 2, but only two of those groups will trade off the Witch’s Blessing. Two players will never use the “switch” mechanic to trade Witch’s Blessing buffs and will instead focus on clearing basic ads the whole time.

For the other two groups, though, the Limited Blessings challenge will force a little more responsibility on the Witch’s Blessing players. They will have to clear the Blessed Knights and Ogres without an extra person helping, and they will need to assist with an extra crystal that spawns.

Limited Blessings Challenge Tips

To make the Destiny 2 raid encounter a little easier, we recommend having at least one of the groups be two hunters using Celestial Nighthawk. That way there is always a Hunter with the Witch’s Blessing that can take down the Blessed Ogre in one shot. The non-blessed Ogre should be much easier to deal with since as many as four players can shoot it.

Well of Radiance is always going to be a big help here, but even more so for the healing. There are going to be instances where a player is taking damage from an enemy that they can’t kill, so being able to duck into a Warlock’s Well of Radiance comes in handy.

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In order to better facilitate destroying crystals, we recommend the group without the Witch’s Blessing cover the middle of the arena. That way, the Witch’s Blessing players know that after they destroy their crystal they need to go towards the middle and find a second crystal. It’s better than having to run across the arena to help out.

Even if there is a little bit of extra responsibility, the Limited Blessings challenge in Crown of Sorrow is fairly easy. If you have been regularly completing the new raid then chances are you already know what to do and how to prepare for enemy spawns – the only things to worry about are the Knights, Ogres, and Crystals. Now, with the bounty completed, you can claim an extra piece of Destiny 2 raid loot.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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