The DLC has only been available for less than a day but already players have found a puzzle in The Lighthouse, the new social space added in Destiny 2‘s Curse of Osiris expansion. Developer Bungie had hinted at something hidden in The Lighthouse during a stream in November, and it hasn’t taken fans long to figure out how to solve it.

The trick is finding five different books with glowing symbols on them scattered around the Lighthouse. They must be activated in the proper order to unlock the chest. Opening the chest will grant three tokens and a Legendary Engram, which was (unknowingly to fans at the time) actually teased yesterday by Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett:

curse of osiris lighthouse chest tweet

Read on to find the location of the books and what order in which to activate them:

  1. Once loading into the Lighthouse, walk straight towards the center platform where Brother Vance stands. Once standing in front of Vance, look to the left. The first book is on the table to the left. It has a glowing yellow rune on its cover. Press the action button once the prompt comes up to “Examine Compelling Book.”
  2. Then turn around and head to the right wall. On the second bookshelf from the left, on the bottom shelf, will be the next “Marked Book.”
  3. Cross back over across the central platform to the left side of the room. From the front of the room, the first fireplace has the third “Aged Book” below to the right of it.
  4. Again, cross over to the right side of the room and look along the tables on the left side of the path. The “Curious Book” is on the second-to-last table.
  5. The last book is on the left side of the room just past the Forge. Jump up to the top shelf on the right side of the Forge to find and activate the “Significant Book.”
  6. Activating all five books will make a conflux appear on the right side of the room. Interact with it. A “Firewall Decrypted!” text tip will appear in the feed to the left, and a waypoint will appear over the chest.
  7. Go back to the front of the Lighthouse and jump down on the left side of the bridge. The chest is in an alcove underneath.

Here is a video to show exactly where to find each book, the Conflux, and chest:

Curse of Osiris just launched alongside an update that makes a number of changes to the game including refreshing the Eververse inventory, changing rewards in public events, and sandbox adjustments.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.