Since Destiny 2‘s Leviathan raid went live, players have been competing to see who can complete the incredibly tough activity the quickest. One fireteam completed the raid in 27 minutes and 24 seconds and this was seen as an impressive time, but now, another group of players has totally smashed that record.

The new Leviathan raid speedrun record is now 23 minutes and 28 seconds, as of yesterday (October 8, 2017). A fireteam made up of three Warlocks (Its Gshark, Mighty Edwin, SSScrub), two titans (Chris Kaizer, Its Wami) and one hunter (lH o v a) absolutely blitzed through the activity.

It took the group of players just five minutes and seven seconds to defeat the boss, Emperor Calus, with that time running from the beginning of the Calus cutscene to the end of the raid. Previously, a fireteam managed to defeat Calus in under four minutes, also securing the world’s first single damage plate Calus win too. As can be seen in the video below, there is a death during the Calus fight, so there is room for this speedy fireteam (or a competitor) to shave even more seconds off of that record-setting time.

For other Destiny 2 fireteams that would like to take the speedrun record on, then the squad has provided some pointers on how to make it a quick completion. The players recommend using weapons with explosive rounds for a fast kill time. Moreover, they suggest using weapons and armor that offer speed boosts when running between encounters, e.g MIDA Mini-Tool, Dunemarchers, and Transversive Steps. But, although “speed is important” players should also give each other space when completing puzzles as reviving one another will take even more time.

The fireteam’s build also includes several Exotic weapons, highlighting why it’s so important for players to visit Xur each week. These include Power weapons like Wardcliff Coil and Merciless, which were especially useful when putting down the ‘bathers’ in the Royal Pools, according to the speedrunners’ notes. Coldheart is also a key component of these player’s builds, which seems to be in line with what every other successful raid team is running too.

With this fireteam having revealed a few of its tricks, it probably won’t be long until a brand new speedrun record has been set. But many players will also be turning their attention to the prestige Leviathan raid that arrives this week and will provide even more of a challenge. It’s unlikely that anyone will be able to do sub-30 minute completions of that (not in its launch week, at least) but Destiny 2 players will certainly be making a few daring attempts.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for October 24, 2017.