To say that players have been absolutely loving Destiny 2, developer Bungie’s multiplayer FPS sequel to its 2014 original, would be a gross understatement. And to suggest that they are anything less than overjoyed at the game’s Leviathan Raid would be doing their excitement a serious injustice. In preparation for the impending Prestige Difficulty Leviathan Raid set for release on Tuesday, October 10, a few fans of the game took the time to map out the entire raid, explaining how to move through each of the Raid’s five rooms.

The fan in question, who goes by the online username syr13pittbull15, posted to Reddit that he and his Destiny 2 clan members worked together to create the map guide, which details critical points, as well as a few general weapon load-out recommendations to aid even the most wide-eyed of raiders just starting out. Syr13pittbull15 was quick to point out that descriptions are “the short and sweet version” in order to save space, and mentioned that the empowering rift and rally barricade on the plates at Calus are not written out.

destiny 2 leviathan raid guide courtyard map

Before jumping into the high-stakes mission, Destiny 2 players should meet the recommended power level for the Leviathan Raid. From there, they can head into the Leviathan Courtyard, where it is suggested that four players go to one door while the remaining two kill the yellow bar, grab the standard bearer, and place it at the front of the door. Meanwhile, the defenders will work on taking out the adds. The final task is to eliminate the floating psions, which players can only do by punching them. Syr13pittbull15 recommends using any type of weapon that players find most useful, but suggests picking the weapon that will be used in the following room in order to gather ammo.

This type of step-by-step walkthrough is utilized for the remaining four rooms: the Royal Baths/Pools Challenge, the Pleasure Gardens Challenge, the Gauntlet, and the Calus battle. Players can find out where to position each of their clan members to effectively work through the raid, and know which weapons work best in taking down enemies. This type of pre-raid insight can be especially useful for those who lead their clans through the missions, as they will be better suited for success.

Those interested in checking out the full guide, with all five rooms mapped out, can do so right here.

the pleasure gardens destiny 2 leviathan raid map

Though the Leviathan Raid has posed quite a challenge for some Destiny 2 players, others have blazed through it in record time and with smaller-than-average clans. One fireteam managed to beat the raid in under 30 minutes, and another knocked out every enemy (including the nefarious final boss, Emperor Calus) with just four people on board.

With the Prestige Leviathan Raid fast approaching, players will likely want to buckle down to beat both the Leviathan Raid and additional records. Thankfully, this in-depth guide could help fans do just that.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases October 24 for PC.

Source: syr13pittbull15 – Reddit